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Bittersweet love Starlife, Thursday 13th June 2024 Update

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TV series

Bittersweet love on starlife Thursday 13th June 2024 Update, Tara saying I have learnt this from you to sing and dance when you feel scared and sad. Vandu says thanks for reminding me, always smile and stay happy. They hug. Vandu asks how did you come here. Tara says I told Vedika that I m going to meet you. Vandu says she would have asked you not to go out of the main gate, why did you come then.

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Tara says sorry. Vandu says you are sensible, you shouldn’t go out of the gate, its not safe, you remember, what happened the last time. Tara says dad fought the bad uncles and saved me, sorry, I won’t do this again. Vandu says come, I will drop you home.

Mrunal says tell me your plan, Vaibhav. He says revenge, Vandu insulted me and my family, I will make her cry. Mrunal says take divorce and end the matter. He says no, I will make her settle scores, just watch it, I also want divorce from her, now she also wants it, I won’t give it easily. She asks what do you mean.

He says you will know the meaning soon, just stay in this house until you get your share. He says Kunal doesn’t know where his life is going, he has become Vandu’s savior, I will see both of them, their bad times starts now, will you come on a date with me. She asks what. Kunal is at the court. Vedika and Pammi see him and get sad about his life. Sonia comes with Inder. Kunal looks on. Pammi asks why does Sonia get Inder along.

Vedika says stay calm, don’t fight. Kunal says I won’t fight with them, I have to end my relation now. Inder says Sonia, just ignore this man. Sonia says I just want my Tara, you promised me, you will keep Tara with us. Inder says yes, I always keep my promise, we have handled her for years, let Kunal take care of her, we also have to spend quality time. He says congrats Sonia, your name will get free of Kunal’s name and my name will be connected. He laughs seeing Kunal. Kunal says we are getting late for the hearing. Vandu comes home smiling. She sees Mrunal and Vaibhav. They romance in front of Vandu. Vandu gets sad. Vijay looks on angrily. They leave.

Vijay says its good if you get the divorce soon. Vandu says yes. Kunal cries during the hearing. Inder looks on. Ye duniya agar mil…plays… The judge says Kunal, you and Sonia will get divorced, your daughter is living with you, right. Sonia says as of now, not forever, I have sent her to live with him, I was taking care of her since 7 years, I love her a lot. Kunal asks why did you give her to me.

They argue. Judge asks them to stop it. She says we will talk about custody later. They say sorry. Vandu signs the divorce papers. Kunal and Sonia sign the papers. Kunal and Sonia leave the court. Sonia says I need to talk. He says I don’t want to talk. She says we both want divorce, Tara is the link connected to us, her custody hearing will happen soon, we will get her joint custody. He asks what custody, I don’t want your daughter.

She says she is your responsibility too. He says she isn’t my daughter, she can’t be with me. She says prove it in court, you aren’t his father, you have to get paternity test done, it will prove if Tara is your daughter or not, tell me, do you have courage. Vandu walks on the road sadly. She thinks of Tara.

Tara says Kunal is fighting to send me away. Vedika sees Kunal shaking. Vandu promises Tara to never leave her. Kunal gets drunk. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.