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BiggBoss 17 Episode 2, Video and Written updates Monday 16th October 2023

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Abhishek asks Mannara how are they taking rooms? Mannara says I came here first and my room is fixed. Abhishek says you have to give proof, how is your room fixed? Mannara says you are not listening to me, you are looking stupid. Abhishek says you can’t call me stupid. Mannara says they gave me an option to choose, you can ask Munawar.

2:15 AM
Mannara tells Isha that Abhishek is misbehaving with me. Isha asks what did you tell her? Abhishek says she called me stupid so I reacted. Mannara says he was trying to fight. Ankita asks him to calm down.

2:45 AM
Abhishek tells Mannara that he wants to share the bed with her. Mannara says how are you comfortable with that? Abhishek says you can change your bed if you are not comfortable. Isha says I want to share it with Mannara. Munawar says you all should decide mutually. Abhishek says I don’t want to talk about it, he starts shouting at Isha and says I am like this only. Isha says why are you shouting for no reason? Abhishek says you keep repeating things so I am like this. They both shout at each other. Munawar tries to control Abhishek. Isha says I don’t know what’s wrong with him. Munawar asks him to calm down.

3:15 AM
Khanzaadi tells Soniya that Mannara is acting fake. Soniya says I agree.

Abhishek tells Isha that he got angry because she started shouting at him, she needs to handle him calmly. Isha says you shouldn’t fight for no reason otherwise people won’t take you seriously. Abhishek says I questioned Mannara because she might have gotten a task from Bigg Boss. You should take a stand that you won’t choose a room till Bigg Boss says so. Isha says its not that big of a deal.

Mannara asks Munawar if Abhishek is changing in the room? Munawar says your Abhishek. She says he surpassed you.. you have a positive vibe. Munawar says you think he is better than me? Mannara says I mean he crossed you and kept shouting. Munawar says I am chill.

4:15 AM
Bigg Boss asks Ankita how is the house? She says very nice. Bigg Boss says it would be nice if you wear the mic. She wears it and apologizes. Bigg Boss tells the contestants that we welcome you in the house. He says many famous celebrities are in the house and you people would taunt that we would favor Ankita Lokhende and then otherside we have internet sensations like Munawar and Arun. I know you people will call us biased so I am going to resolve it by being openly biased. I would be selfish for my show, I will have favorites based on who works for the show. I will start the game of biasedness and favoritism now. I want you all to show original personalities. When I gave you the instructions to choose houses then you all thought it was a secret. Please be original and don’t follow what happened in earlier seasons. He asks them to tell which house they are choosing:

Soniya: brain house
Sana: Brain house
Isha: Heart house
Khanzaadi: power house
Aishwarya: heart
Jigna: brain
Mannara: heart
Ankita: heart
Rinku: power
Abhishek: power
Anurag: brain
Sunny: power
Munawar: power
Vicky: heart
Neil: heart
Navid: brain
Arun: brain

Bigg Boss says Vicky and Neil had a chance get away from the wives but they lost it. He wishes them goodnight.

4:45 AM
Abhishek tells Vicky that he is not liking Mannara and Munawar, he is okay with Isha. Vicky asks what’s his status with Isha? He says I like her but she doesn’t like me.

Anurag tells Jigna that Isha and Abhishek were fighting for no reason. Sana says they were talking that it will be headlines now, they were faking it, Jigna says I don’t even know this guy Abhishek.

5:30 AM
Arun jokes with Navid, Navid says I want to sleep so please turn off the lights. Bigg Boss turns it off.

Isha tells Abhishek that Vicky was talking to me, he called me before coming to the show and asked me to play with him. I don’t even know him. He said I am in top 5. Isha laughs.

10:30 AM
Rinku and Abhishek welcome everyone to the first morning.

Vicky tells Ankita that Abhishek didn’t know Isha was coming to the show that’s why they got into an argument. Ankita says they like each other. Mannara says they were fighting yesterday and now they can’t be separated.

Isha is cooking in the kitchen, Abhishek says she will become wife material here. Isha says not at all.

Jigna tells Neil and Munawar about how she got arrested for interviewing a ganster. I had arrogance of being a top journalist but then I stayed in jail for some months. I got equitted after 7 years. My family members died in that time.

12:45 PM
Jigna and Rinku give names to others.

Vicky tells Arun that everyone should keep the washroom clean. Arun says we should tell them to keep it clean.

2 PM
The morning song starts and everyone starts dancing. ,,

11:45 PM
Sunny jokes with Navid to not eat chilies otherwise he will have to stay in the washroom.

12:30 AM
Bigg boss tells the contestants that if their prank is over then lets talk seriously. You all should go to your house’s dining area. He asks Isha if she wants Abhishek in her house? She says yes, I want him here. Bigg Boss says you wanted him away yesterday? Isha says we are sensible to keep distance and if we stay under one roof then we will bond better. Bigg Boss says then I should apologize on behalf of Salman Khan. Isha says I have forgiven him. Soniya says so soon? wow. Bigg Boss tells Vicky to talk in the mic and we heard what you said before. Tell us what his script says? how will the episode be? Vicky says I was just trying to calm him down and said it will be telecasted on the episode. Bigg Boss says if you are so smart then why did you go to house no. 1 behind Ankita? house 2 is daring then you should have gone there. Vicky says heart house is better. Bigg Boss says you wanted to show on TV that you love your wife a lot and can’t leave her alone. Vicky is embarrassed. Bigg Boss says lets talk about Vicky’s pawn who lives in house 3. This house is based on bravery and power but a follower lives there. He is waiting for Vicky’s script, he still can’t function without a writer so he grabbed Vicky and he writes his script, he even gave you a script to apologize but we want to tell you that the set has changed and you all need to start using your brains. He asks Soniya if she has also chosen Vicky as a writer and director? Soniya says not at all. Bigg Boss says if you all want to follow Vicky Bhaiya then I can stop my tasks and just ask Vicky to write a script for daily episodes. He asks Vicky if he stops thinking about how to bring Abhishek to house 1 and if you had guts to say that you want Mannara in the house, you wanted to replace Mannara with Abhishek. Vicky says I was just thinking about it. Bigg Boss says then why are you acting surprised? Vicky says yes, I wanted Abhishek to come in Mannara’s place. Bigg Boss says you could have said it on her face and people would have liked that. Then Mannara would have scripted the episode too. Bigg Boss says there is another person playing a role, it was Neil. He felt bad that Vicky Bhaiya didn’t include him in the prank. Vicky laughs and apologizes to Neil. Bigg Boss says if your childesh acts are done then I want to remind you to stop playing scripted and old Bigg Boss. I am giving you last warning that I won’t allow you to play a boring and repeated BB. Are you all with me? They all say yes. Ankita laughs.

Arun and Anurag joke about Abhishek behaving like Vicky’s follower. Mannara and Isha argue over bed. Mannara says Isha wants footage. They can take the girl from here. Isha says why are you saying that they should take me from here? why are you putting down another girl? She tells Ankita that Mannara has this south Delhi attitude, she talks in a fake manner. She is wrong and I won’t spare her.

Ankita tells Vicky that Abhishek is using you, he also wanted me to talk to Mannara for him but why would I do it? Bigg Boss was right that you shouldn’t talk behind Mannara because of Abhishek. Vicky says we pranked today because Abhishek is there and he wants to come here, we just wanted to have fun. He talked to me in the morning and we agreed that we can be good friends. You are bonding with Isha. Ankita says I like Mannara. Vicky says that’s why I didn’t tell Mannara to leave the house, you are freely making friends so let me make friends freely too. Ankita says you are not wrong. Vicky says Bigg Boss called me scripted and all, I was just interacting.

Abhishek tells Mannara that people have shared beds in every seasons but that doesn’t mean they have to be in relationship. There will be gap between us. Mannara says if my ex is in the house and I have a boyfriend outside the house then I am okay to share a bed with my ex in the house? what is Isha doing? Abhishek says I don’t know about her.

Bigg Boss calls Munawar, Mannara and Rinku in the confession room. He asks how was his script? They all say that they loved it. Bigg Boss tells Rinku that she has a 22 years old son, does he do childish acts like these? Rinku says I won’t do this again. Bigg Boss says you people created a big plan to play some prank then you bragged to give content. This is childish. I called 3 of my potential favorites because I think you are smart and can expose people who make false friendships. Everyone thinks this is a game but at least make this a house first. Bigg Boss asks Mannara how is she? She says life is good, I want to learn and be more wise, thank you for trusting me. Bigg Boss says I trusted you and extended a friendship hand but you rejected it, you did it in front of Salman Khan. Mannara says no no.. I am an individual and have a personality. BB asks Munawar if they should trust Mannara? He says yes, we cna trust her. Mannara thanks him and says please don’t be miffed with me, I am your friend, please don’t be angry. Bigg Boss says I have one eye and have one heart which is broken too. Rinku says cute. Munawar says a poetry for Bigg Boss’ broken heart. Mannara says I still think we are friends. Munawar says you broke his heart so you have to promise him. Bigg Boss tells Rinku to take the betrayer Mannara and Munawar from the confession room. Munawar tells them that we don’t have to say anything to others. They pose for the camera and leave.


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The episode ends.