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Between You And Me Zee One, Thursday 5th January 2023 update

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TV series

Between You And Me on zee one, Thursday 5th January 2023 update, Pushpa missing to see Birju. Ira’s dad tells her that he will fix her name plate when she becomes a doctor. Kaka says its his dream, even after Bhabhi went away, he didn’t ask Ira to do any household work. Ira says don’t worry, I will not let your hardwork go waste. She hugs him. Akhilesh sees Pushpa crying and prays that he gets some way to enter the house. Ira comes there and tells guard that she has to meet Devina and give her a cheque, else he will lose the job.

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Pushpa gets angry as guard didn’t allow her. Ira goes inside. Akhilesh goes with her. Pushpa smiles. The girls see Akhilesh. His brother boasts of himself and calls Akhilesh a waiter. He asks him to wear uniform and work. Ira tries to help Devina’s daughter. She says Devina is giving a donation, so I got this cheque. She argues with her.

Pushpa sees a man bringing a family portrait. She says I will take the pic. Guard stops her. She doesn’t see Birju in the pic. The photo falls and glass breaks. Guard asks her to leave. Akhilesh gets dressed as a waiter. Devina’s daughter sees her face. Devina asks her to wash up and come on stage fast. Devina announces a charity. She calls her children on stage. Birju asks for what cause are we donating. Birju sees Akhilesh and gets tensed. He hides his face and says I m having allergy with light. Devina talks to everyone. Akhilesh looks on. Birju goes away and thinks what to do. He calls Akhilesh and says I reached home, come fast with Pushpa.

Akhilesh says I m finding you here, fine I will come, be alert, your landlord has sent the goons to vacate the house. Akhilesh leaves. Devina comes to call Birju for cake cutting. Ira sees Akhilesh and taunts him for ignoring. She asks him to make a mocktail. He gives her a drink. She thanks him. He goes. Ira’s brothers checks some profiles of men. Kaka sees him and thinks I did a mistake. The guy says I have found someone. Kaka says I agree with this, I know its normal for you. The guy says we will convince dad once I like a guy. Kaka asks him not to worry. The guy says this guy is not for me, I m finding guy for Ira, I like girls, I m normal. Kaka hugs him and gets glad. Kaka says you can get married once Ira’s marriage happens, Ira will get the right guy when right time comes.

The waiter tells Akhilesh to get blue wine. Akhilesh recalls giving the drink to Ira and asks is this wine. Waiter says yes. Akhilesh thinks he did big mistake. He goes back. He sees Birju on stage with Devina. Birju tells his love story. Akhilesh gets shocked and recalls Pushpa’s words. Birju cuts the cake with Devina. He hugs his children. Akhilesh recalls Pushpa’s words and dreams. He cries.

Akhilesh getting shocked seeing Birju. He recalls Birju’s lies. Pushpa waits for Akhilesh outside. Akhilesh sees Birju with his family. He goes to serve him a drink. Birju gives him a tip. He gets shocked seeing Akhilesh. His son Adi says I will beat this driver’s son, why is he staring at my dad. Akhilesh asks him to tell Birju. Birju asks Adi to go, uncle is calling him. Birju tries to explain. Akhilesh stops him from saying anything. Media comes to talk to Birju. Akhilesh looks on. Birju thinks he has to do acting in front of reporter. He sees Devina and tells his love story again. Akhilesh claps for him. He says your son is sitting there in suit, I m not your son. Birju says you are my first child, I love you a lot, don’t punish me.

Reporter comes and says your son Aditya calls you world’s best dad. Birju gives interview. Akhilesh gets much angry. Birju says I have to do this drama in front of everyone. Reporter says you talk to servants so well. She asks Akhilesh does he want to say anything about Birju. Akhilesh says I m shocked seeing his love for his family, as I m an orphan, my dad has left me, don’t know when will he come, I just wish that Birju and his family always stays happy. He leaves. Birju runs after him. Akhilesh scolds him for making Pushpa living like a widow in village. He says its time to tell truth to Pushpa, you are just a stone, not Lord, I will tell her. Birju worries.
Ira is also in the party. Birju acts of heart attack to stop Akhilesh. Akhilesh makes him sit and asks are you fine. Birju says don’t tell anything to anyone, for the sake of your mum. He faints. Ira’s dad and brother talk about the food made by Ira. Ira’s brother says Ira will get beaten in Sasural if she does such things. Her dad beats him. He praises Ira. Ira’s brother says right alliances come in right age, so I made Ira work. They see notes inside the dishes and laugh.

Akhilesh asks Ira to check Birju. Ira checks him. Akhilesh sees Pushpa and thinks what shall I tell her. Ira says maybe he got heart attack, you get him, I will get the bike. Akhilesh takes him. They take Birju to the hospital. Doctor says his condition is stable, we can tell about him after reports come. Ira asks Akhilesh to wait for some time. Doctor praises Ira. Ira says that guy was just a waiter in Birju’s party, I will inform his family. She takes Birju’s phone to inform Devina.

She calls Pushpa. Devina sees Pushpa outside and asks her to leave. Pushpa scolds her. She answers the call. She gets shocked and says I m just coming. Devina too gets a call and rushes. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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