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Anupama on starlife, Wednesday 12th June 2024 Update

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TV series

Anupama on starlife Wednesday 12th June 2024 Update, 5 YEARS LATER, A boy is walking holding thu thu thu stores bag, and knocks at the door calling Joshi behen. She opens the door and takes the vegetable bag from his hand and then gives him another bag and money. She gives him sweets. The boy tells her that Kanti Bhai’s birthday is there in old age home so give some extra sweets. She shows thumbs up and closes the door. The boy thinks he didn’t see her face from 5 years and tells that she is Annapurna avatar.

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Vanraj is walking talking on phone wearing suit in a renovated Shah house and says I have meeting at 3 pm and I am busy with my family tomorrow. Baa sings song with Samar’s son and looks at Dimpy making tea using binoculars, and scolds Dimpy. Dimpy brings tea, but Baa ignores her like she used to do with Anupama in the start. Babu ji comes there and stops her swing, and asks her not to do this again. Dimpy gives her tea and asks her son Ansh to come to school. Ansh refuses to go to school. Kavya comes there and sit. Dimpy says your teacher called and said that you didn’t do homework since a week. The boy says you will not decide but Dadu will decide and asks Baa to say. Baa says who gives much home work to small boy and asks Vanraj to go, and scold teacher.

Babu ji says Dimpy will go, being his mother. Vanraj says I will go like I am going since 3 years, and says today he will take off. He silently threatens dimpy that Ansh is his responsibility. Babu ji thinks faces changes, but destiny doesn’t change and says after Anupama, it is Dimpy who is tortured. Vanraj tells that there is puja tomorrow after the renovation work of the house. He says nothing shall be left. Babu ji says shall we call Anupama? Baa asks why shall we call her, she didn’t care for us since 5 years, then why we shall call her. Vanraj says even her photo album has dust on it, we don’t have any relation with her.

Anupama looks at her mother’s photo with garland and cleans the frame. She then looks at her children’s family photo. She keeps her phone and records video to make a dish. She asks the viewers to like and subscribe if they want. Later she is stitching on the sewing machine. Devika comes there. Anupama gets scared, thinking who has come. Devika says she has come and asks her to open the door. Anupama opens the door. Devika gets inside and hugs her. She takes the tab and says you have 1 million followers, and tells that your Joshi ben rasoi is world famous, and says big chefs had tried authentic kathiawadi recipe. She says you are batman who is hiding from everyone, and asks why you are hiding from everyone. Anupama says she has no means to live. Devika says there is no mirror in your house. She asks her not to live like jogan. She says you don’t call or don’t pick the call. Anupama asks her to drink tea. Devika asks why did you lock yourself and says your divorce happened with Anuj, you didn’t die.

Anupama says I couldn’t give my life. Devika says you are not fine, and asks her to take the wings. She gives her America’s work permit and tickets. She tells that she has forwarded her recipe to a restaurant and they liked it and hired her as chef. She says she has done all the formalities. Anupama asks I can’t go as I send food to old age home daily and….Devika asks her not to lose her life. Anupama asks how can I go alone? Devika says when you can stay alone here since 5 years, then you can fly too. Vanraj gives jewellery boxes to Baa and says people shall see his luxury life. Baa asks why did you spend so much. He says when he can spend lakhs of Rs on renovation then can’t I spend some on gifts. Ansh asks about playstore. Vanraj gives him. Kavya tells Dimpy that Ansh will get spoilt this way. Dimpy reminds her what happened last time, and tells that they love him a lot. She asks her to call her son from hostel.

Kavya says she is doing this for his betterment. She says she returned for her son, and then asks her to think about her life. Dimpy says I can’t upset Papa. Kavya asks did you forget Tapish. Devika meets Babu ji and tells that she had met Anu, and says I made her understand, and left decision on her. She says I want her to get out of the captivity, and says she has become like alive dead body and if this continues, then she will die. She says she has stopped living and says she has to flow and fly again. Babu ji says she will fly. America is calling her since a long time. Anupama opens the window and looks outside.

Anupama tells that she has to stay away from relations, she knows. She gets in the flight. A guy shows her joshi ben recipe on his tab. Anupama tells herself that she has reached America. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.