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Anupama on starlife, Tuesday 4th June 2024 Update

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TV series

Anupama on starlife Tuesday 4th June 2024 Update, Anupama does the aarti of God while others are waiting with her. She recalls the happenings and is worried. She looks at Anuj and pacifies him. She then gives aarti to everyone. Choti tells them that she will go and feed milk to puppy friend. Anupama nods ok. Ankush tells that there is God in animals and birds, and says taking care of them and feeding them is like worshipping God. Anupama prays to God that everyone shall get some mind. Adhik tells that Pakhi said that she will not return.

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Barkha asks what? Anuj says Vanraj shall make her understand. Anupama says Mr. Shah is himself spoiled, what he will make her understand. Barkha says my brother will not go to her. She says if Pakhi is expecting that my brother will come then this will not happen. Anupama apologizes to Adhik and says she is not upset with you and asks him to make her understand. Adhik says I am fed up of her behavior. He says she shouts and cries when she falls weak in the argument. He says only girl is not victim and tells that he is victim now. He says she told me clearly that I shall come to her and that she will not come to me.

He asks her to say what he shall do, and tells that he shall handle the office work, fulfill her demands bears her tantrums and our marriage too. He tells that only he is trying to save his marriage. He tells that first drama to become a mother and then new start up argument. He says her useless shopping didn’t end and has issue why my credit card limit is not much, and she has problem with me talking to Dimpy and that why I gave gift to her for Raksha Bandhan. Barkha says Adhik and Pakhi have done mistakes, but Adhik has got better, and Pakhi is not taking any efforts. Adhik says I will not compromise anymore, if she asks me for divorce then I will agree for it. Everyone gets shocked. Anupama feels this is the start of problems.

Pakhi gives tea to Vanraj and sits. Just then Kinjal. Toshu and Pari come there. Pakhi runs and hugs them. Kavya also hugs Kinjal. They take elders’ blessings. Vanraj takes Pari in his arms and says Dadu missed you so much, my Pari. He says why did you come suddenly? Kinjal tells that Daddy got heart attack 3 days back. Toshu says we took 2 days to come. Babu ji asks why you didn’t tell us, we were here. Baa says you people have become English and didn’t tell. Kavya asks how is he? Kinjal says we met him in hospital before coming here. Baa asks why Rakhi didn’t tell us. Toshu says she was worried and was doing all the work alone. Baa says as you was not here, and tells that you people have come for 4 days and will leave then. Kinjal hugs Baa. Dimpy says Mummy will be very happy. Babu ji says I will call her, but Vanraj stops him.

Anupama meets her mother Kanta and tells her that she is very tired. She tells her about whatever Vanraj had said. Kanta asks her why you want to interfere in Shah house and take care of them. She says you have heart relation with Hasmukh bhai and Leela, but why you want to help others. She says your daughter is spoilt and misbehaves with you, then also you want to keep her at home. She says Vanraj is arrogant then also you care for him. She says you care for Kavya who has broken your home and your ex saas is very clever. She says if you fight for everyone and then who will fight for you. She says Pakhi and Toshu are both useless. She says you have kept her at home and Toshu doesn’t understand. She asks her to concentrate on Anuj and Choti, and asks her to sit on the back seat and starts dreaming. Anupama asks how to leave being a mother. Kanta says they are not small children now and don’t need you anymore. She asks her to do something for her husband and Choti. Anupama says Baa is unwell. Kanta says everyone is clever there, and they change like weather, once they praise you and make you guilty, and the other day, they make you guilty.

Babu ji tells Vanraj that Anupama is Toshu’s mother. Vanraj says Kinjal and Toshu can go there and meet her, but she can’t come here. Babu ji says he is doing right by insulting his house Lakshmi. Vanraj goes. Kavya says Vanraj has done wrong with Anupama.

Anupama says she was never close to Pakhi and Toshu, but was closer to Samar, who left her. kanta tells that even she has gone through the same phase. She says we are living the life, even after Samar left. Anupama gets a call.

Kinjal tries to feed food to Pari. She asks Toshu to make her eat food. Toshu says he is tired. Kinjal says she has come in the same flight and is emotionally stressed and drained due to Papa’s health. She asks him to feed her food. Toshu asks her to give her phone and says she will eat. Baa comes there and sees Kinjal giving phone to Pari. She says Pari will not have box food and asks why they are mad after running behind money that they don’t have time for their daughter.

Anupama tells Anuj that Kinjal, Toshu and Pari are coming to meet her, and that’s why she has brought gifts for them. Anuj says she has brought so much stuff. Malti Devi and Choti looks on. Malti Devi provokes Choti and says Pari is her own son’s daughter. She asks her to ask her what she brought for her. Choti comes there. Anupama says you was missing Pari, she will come now. Choti asks what you brought for me, you have forgotten me. Anupama looks on.

Anupama tells Anuj that she will go to Shah house for Pari’s birthday. Anuj says so you will go. Anupama says blood relations don’t end and her relation with her children will not break. Choti looks on. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.