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Anupama on starlife, Sunday 9th June 2024 Update

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TV series

Anupama on starlife Sunday 9th June 2024 Update, Vanraj tells Anupama if she don’t understand in one saying, and says today my grand daughter and daughter in law would have died due to you. Babu ji says Vanraj….Vanraj shouts asking him not to say anything today, else he would see his dead face. He tells Anupama, that’s why he wants to keep her away from his family and says she doesn’t come alone, but brings troubles along with you, and calls her inauspicious/panauti.

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Toshu says when Papa asked you to stay away from Kinjal and Pari, then why did you meet them and took them for picnic. Kinjal says please. Toshu says no, and says you are just selfish and wants to spend quality time with your grand daughter even if she dies. Baa asks how can you be so careless. Vanraj says whatever happened today and what could have happen, you are responsible for it. He says you used to interfere in on lives, but now you are behind our lives. Kinjal says Papa…Mummy has saved our lives. She says it was an accident and would have happened with anyone. Vanraj says it happened due to her. Kinjal says if Mummy was not there, then nobody would have been saved.

She says it was my plan to go on a picnic and it was not Mummy’s plan, and says whatever happened is because of me, and not due to her, so stop blaming her. She cries. Vanraj asks Anupama to hear one thing clearly, and says from today Anupama Kapadia has no relation with Shah house, their neighborhood, vegetable seller or their enemies from now onwards. He says nobody will talk to you, even on phones during the festivals too. He says you shall be at your house, and we will be in our house.

He says our relation is over, and says whoever walks to leave, can leave just now. Dimpy says she will go with Anupama. Vanraj asks her to go, but give Samar’s child to him, and then she can have no relation with the baby. Dimpy says you don’t have any common sense and tells that he can’t keep the baby away from her.

Vanraj tells that he will not let the baby become hers, and will make sure. He threatens her and asks her to choose between Anupama and the baby. Anupama leaves Dimpy’s hand. Vanraj smirks victorious as Dimpy goes back. Anupama recalls taking care of Vanraj when he was in hospital, when Toshu was unwell, when Baa and Babu ji was unwell. She says my heart has broken in this house many times, but for the first time it was broken into pieces and shattered. She says whatever happens in this house, is because of me. She says when the glass fell down, it was Anupama’s fault that she didn’t pick the glass when Vanraj drank water and kept it.

She says when light went, then it is Anupama’s mistake as she didn’t keep the plug properly for ironing, she says Servant didn’t come today and Anupama has to do all the work, but it is all her fault as she has given her much freedom, Anupama couldn’t take care of kids, as the kid fell down. She says Sweety fought in school, but it is Anupama’s mistake though Sweety never took her to school as she used to feel ashamed of her. She says when Baa has more pain in her legs, and it is Anupama’s mistake as she didn’t massage properly even after 2 hours massage. She says whatever happens in this world is due to Anupama. She says always….always I was humiliated, insulted and discriminated in this house.

She says sometimes I was forced to leave the house and sometimes I was banned from here. She says it is enough now, my Kanha ji knows that whatever I did in this house, thinking it is my house, my babu ji and baba, and kids. She says I was humiliated then also I did. She says even my husband have done so much for them. She says I used to do so much, but now enough and says now I am backing off, and says you have all turned your faces from me, and then used to call me, but today I am turning my face away from you all. She says relations and love will be there, but Anupama will not come to fulfill the relations, and tells that she will not come even if they call her. She says she is ending her relation with Shah house, and will go saying I am going….

Anuj takes Choti and starts leaving. Babu ji calls Anupama and does her tilak. Anupama touches Babu ji’s feet. Kinjal cries. Anupama walks out of Shah out. Kinjal cries and hugs Toshu. Anupama sits in the car and leaves with Anuj and Choti.

Anupama, Anuj and Choti come home. Malti Devi says thanks to God, she is fine. Romil hugs Anupama and asks if you are fine. Anupama says she is fine. Ankush and others ask if you are fine. Barkha says thank you, you are saved. Choti recalls that she was in the car. Malti Devi asks Anupama why you went when Vanraj asked you not to take her. Anupama says accident happened as it was destined to happen. Adhik and Romil says we shall be thankful to God. Anupama asks Choti to come. Choti goes and hugs Anuj, ignoring Anupama. Anupama asks what happened, why you don’t want to come to me. Choti says don’t touch me, you don’t love me, I come last in your life, and says you have saved bhabhi first, then Pari and then lastly. Anupama says no, it is not like that, you come first for me. She says you loves Pari then me. She tells Anuj that Anupama saved her last. Anuj gets teary eyes and shocked.

Anupama tells Choti, why I will do this, I am your Mummy. Choti says you are not my real Mummy, Pari is your real grand daughter and that’s why you saved her. She says you left me in car to die. Malti devi says Choti is right, you care for your mayka. Anupama asks why you want to poison her heart. Malti Devi says this is truth. Anuj shouts enough. Anupama asks if you think that I ignore you and Choti. Anuj says yes. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.