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Anupama on starlife, Sunday 2nd June 2024

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TV series

Anupama on starlife Sunday 2nd June 2024 Update, Vanraj asks Baa where did Pakhi go so late in night. Baa says she has gone to meet her friend. Vanraj says if she had told me then I would have go. Baa asks if you are taxi driver. Vanraj says Pakhi is staying with us, it is our responsibility to take care of her, what will happen if her sasural people come to know about it. Vanraj calls Pakhi and says once I know where is she, I will bring her back home. Pakhi looks at Titu and Dimpy. Choti takes chocolate from the fridge and sees Anupama. She tells that she will brush her teeth after having chocolate and asks if she will scold her now.

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Anupama says why will I scold you, and says even she will have chocolate. She takes the chocolate and asks Choti to open the wrapper, but Choti ignores her. Anupama opens it and pretends to talk to Devi. She says she is having chocolate at home, and asks if she remembers Kiran used to bully her always, because of whom she was afraid to go to school, who used to call me chipku as I used to have oil in my hair. She thanks Devika for being her BFF who stood by her and told everyone that I am your friend. She says you are really my superhero for standing against bullying. Choti hears her.

Pakhi makes video call to Vanraj and tells that she has come for event with her friend. Vanraj sees Dimpy behind her and then sees Tapish. Pakhi acts and says why she will be here, she has gone with her friend. She turns and sees them, and tells that OMG what she is doing here with Titu. Vanraj asks her to send the location. Pakhi says ok. Kavya hears them and tries to stop Vanraj, asking him to talk to Dimpy after coming home. Vanraj leaves in anger. Kavya thinks whom to tell?

Choti says Devika maasi is your true friend and always supports you. Anupama says yes and tells her that sometimes Superheroes are in the classroom also. She says whoever supports the weak is superhero and gives example of puppy. She says whoever saves is a superhero and whoever bullies is bad and villain. She tells that support and standing for someone is a superman qualities and the person is a big superman. She gets up and goes. Kavya calls Anupama. Anupama gets shocked and thinks what to do? Pakhi comes to Dimpy and says you was angry when I told at home that you are going to meet Titu on the pretext of meeting the friend and now showing love. Dimpy asks her to shut up. Pakhi says you are Shah family’s shameless bahu and says if someone would have been on your place, then would have died with shame. She says Papa has come. Dimpy sees Vanraj standing angrily.

Barkha Devi comes to Malti Devi and tells that they shall patch up with Anupama, by shedding few tears like Baa. She says she will forgive us, but if she catches us then will throw us out. Malti Devi says she will not apologize to Anupama and tells that her era will come. She shares her plan with Barkha.

Vanraj confronts Dimpy and says if there was nobody to question you, then what you will do. Pakhi says she will elope. Vanraj says my son went three months ago and you have forgotten him. He says you are pregnant with his child. He says you are betraying your dead husband too. Dimpy asks him to stop it and says she is not betraying anyone. He asks why did you lie then? Dimpy says she has an identity and life, and says you are not letting me live so I lied. She says this dance event was Samar’s favorite dance event and that’s why I have come here. Vanraj says you would have come with Kavya, Baa and Babu ji. Dimpy tells that Titu is my friend. Vanraj asks her to break her friendship. She tells that she will not break and tells that everyone’s friendship is not like Kavya and you. Vanraj shouts Dimpy. Dimpy asks him not to shout and says your doubt is not right. She asks Pakhi if she called Papa here? Pakhi asks her to go and meet her friend in the hotel room. She asks what happened, if you had planned to go there from here. Titu asks how dare you? Vanraj slaps Titu asking how dare he to talk to his daughter like that. Anupama comes there and asks how dare your daughter to talk to my bahu like this?

Baa asks Kavya where did Vanraj go? She asks her to tell. Kavya says he has gone for important work. Baa asks her to tell. Kavya gets worried. Vanraj says I asked you to stay away from my family and home. Anupama says you couldn’t handle it and I can’t see the house messed up and that’s why I came. He says Dimpy is my bahu and this is my house. Anupama says Dimpy is my bahu too. Vanraj says you should have made her understand. Anupama asks if you had understood her. He holds her hand. Anupama asks him to leave her hand. Dimpy tells that she lied to come to this event and has nothing in her heart. Vanraj says Kavya and me, Anupama and Anuj, Samar and you were friends too. Anupama says all friends don’t marry. Vanraj says he don’t want anything to happen, and that’s why he is stopping her. He warns Dimpy. He asks Titu to go back to Mumbai if he wants his betterment else he will break his legs. Anupama asks if Ahmedabad is your kingdom. Titu says you don’t trust me, but trust Dimpy and let her be happy and live her life as she is pregnant. Vanraj holds his collar. Anupama asks Vanraj to leave him. She asks until when you will keep eye on her. Vanraj says all my life. Anupama asks when Dimpy will live her life. Pakhi says when I used to go out, you don’t trust me. Anupama says if I had not stopped you, then you wouldn’t have educated this much. She says if Dimpy has come here without telling us, then you have done the same. Vanraj says if Samar was alive, then I wouldn’t have asked anything to dimpy. He says you both have forgotten him. Anupama asks if Dimpy shall stop living her life as her husband died. Vanraj asks her to concentrate on her life and home, else her family will blame him for troubling her. He says Toshu-Kinjal left, and Pakhi also got married and says he has just Samar’s baby with him. He asks her to stay away from his family. Anupama says you asked me to stay away from my Baa and Babu ji, and asks who are you to ask me to stay away. He shouts and says Vanraj Shah, and asks her not to interfere in his family matters from now. He takes Dimpy from there. Pakhi goes behind him. Kavya is worried. Baa gets worried thinking Kavya didn’t tell her, but there is surely something to worry.

Pakhi tells Vanraj that Dimpy went with Titu without telling anyone. Vanraj says you are not less, and asks Dimpy not to meet Titu here, and tells that Dimpy-Titu’s chapter is over. He says he will talk to everyone after going home.

Titu says sorry to Anupama and tells that Dimpy requested him and that’s why he came, and says he should have send someone else with her. He says we are not wrong.

Vanraj sits on the chair and tells that he wants to tell them, and says no member of the house shall contact Anupama for any work. Anuj tells Anupama to care and worry about that house from far, and asks her to take a break. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.