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Age is just a number, Friday 14th October 2022 update

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Age is just a number Zeeword
Age is just a number Zeeword

Vaidika stood in front of temple, and prays for courage to bear whatever is happening. She turns to find Sahil close to her. He says he was aware she will be here, he expressed his love for her in front of everyone is nothing new. It’s just that he has learnt to control these expressions.

They are Ved’s parents, and hopefully another child as well. They will become best parents to both these children. Sahil bears the responsibility to bring a good life to Bhoomi.

Bari Amma asks Bhoomi not to pose stupid, it’s high time she stays glued to Sahil. Vaidika might control Sahil otherwise. Bhoomi jerks Bari Amma’s hands away. Bari Amma was worried what if Bhoomi ruins her plan through some stupidity. Puneesh enjoys Bari Amma’s helplessness.

Deepak sat on the floor in the room

and asks Gauri to even slap him. His happiness lie with Gauri, and she may even slap him for his mistakes. He requests her to stay here till Diwali, afterwards she may go with Manish and he will also leave this Agarwal House. Gauri agrees to speak to Manish about it. After Gauri had left the room, Deepak devilishly thinks this game is his now. Gauri melted over his confessions, now when he has agreed that she may leave with Manish then no one will be doubtful of his intentions when Gauri is dead.
The family sat together in the hall.

Sahil announces that he designed a special jewelry line on Ved’s name to celebrate some hope of Ved’s recovery. He plays the video. Puneesh smirks as the screen plays the video of Sahil and Vaidika’s marriage. Everyone was shocked. Puneesh spice up the matter asking if Sahil even married for a second time. Nani was appreciative, Bari Amma was furious and moves forward to slap Vaidika. Sahil holds her hand in midair and stands between them, protective of Vaidika. Bhoomi asks if this is why Sahil wants to divorce her. She was guilty whole night that may be she was wrong, but here it seems to be a plan of their divorce. Sahil wasn’t ready to hear any accusations of the family as their thinking is limited, and would never understand the matter. He clarifies he doesn’t need their approvals to marry Vaidika, there were no vows and they only married soul. This was done only for Ved’s life.

Some social activists reach Agarwal house with a fake marriage registration certificate. Bari Amma protects Sahil. Vaidika was defensive of herself and claims that their signatures on this certificate are also unreal. She warns if they try another single accusation, she will call police. Puneesh intervenes and signals the women to go. The woman curses Vaidika for being a sinner. After the women have left, Bhoomi announces that she is leaving with her child and won’t stay here anymore. Sahil follows her into the room.

Sahil asks Bhoomi how can she be stone heartedly, Ved is his and Vaidika’s child. Bhoomi pulls Sahil’s collar and asks what if Vaidika snatches Ved from her as well. She only wants Ved in her life. Sahil says Ved might die. Bhoomi emotionally says let him die, she will also die as well. Vaidika slaps Bhoomi then, and claims Bhoomi worse than a step mother who is selfish and doesn’t care for Ved’s life. Vaidika and Sahil leave the room.

Nani comes to Bari Amma’s room and teases her to place Sahil and Vaidika’s wedding photo here in the room. She is elated over Sahil’s claim over their soul wedding.

She says no matter Sahil and Vaidika haven’t taken seven vows, they are still a couple. Bari Amma was annoyed and after Nani has left she breaks the photo frame by throwing it on the floor.
Gauri was waiting for Vaidika on a road side. She shows Vaidika the CCTV video Manish had given to her. The goons spot Gauri, wear the masks and take Gauri into their car. At home, Deepak gets the call from the goons and tells them to finish her up. Gauri hurries to Agarwal house calling Sahil for help and tells him that Vaidika was kidnapped, she is sure they came to take her as she doubts someone is following her for a few days. Deepak was tensed and wonders what to do.

The goons unveils Vaidika’s face and find out they brought the wrong lady. They decide to kill Vaidika as she had even spotted their face.

Sahil was determined to save Vaidika and leaves Agarwal house.

The goons hold a stabber and move towards Vaidika.

Vaidika retaliates and cries for help while the goons move forward.

Sahil drove the car looking for Vaidika.

Deepak reaches the venue in mask. Vaidika recognizes him as the man in CCTV footage. Deepak says Vaidika’s old habit of interfering in other’s matters brought her here in place of Gauri Agarwal. Vaidika had been rubbing her tied hands and a nail breaks the rope. She charges towards Deepak and was shocked to see his face as her mask comes off. Deepak clutches Vaidika’s hair, revengous of her. Vaidika fights back and push him away, running away from the hiding.

At home, Sahil returns as the police is looking for Vaidika. Bari Amma blame Vaidika for being sinful and now suffering. Nani counter argues. They soon hear Ved and Sadika praying for Vaidika. Bhoomi watch Vaidika’s call on Sahil’s number and deliberately cuts it.

There, Deepak walks towards Vaidika looking for her. He was determined to kill Vaidika, and says he would feel bad for not being able to save Ved. Deepak had placed the knife over Vaidika’s neck, Sahil reach the venue with Manish and Gauri. They realize it was Deepak who wanted to kill Gauri. Sahil charges over Deepak, twisting his arm behind. Vaidika forbids Sahil not to take any step that hurts him or his family.

Sahil brings Deepak home and throws him to Bari Amma, claiming he attempted to kill Gauri and was now about to kill Vaidika. The kids cheerfully run to Vaidika, Aarya and Nani also hurry to her. Sahil says this was Bari Amma who compelled Gauri to stay with such an inhumane man, her daughter could have died today only because of her. Bari Amma slaps Deepak. Police arrives to arrest Deepak. Bari Amma says Deepak was only restless, lest she shouldn’t have let Gauri leave him.

Gauri claps over Bari Amma’s selflessness. She tells Bari Amma she is taking Sadika with Manish to London, she will live with her elder daughter and her family there. Bari Amma goes inside. Gauri cries. Sahil asks Gauri to pack her bag and may live anywhere she wish to, her brother stands with her. Vaidika brings the children ahead, and appreciates Gauri’s decision. She was sure Manish will keep Sadika happy. Sadika hugs Ved and cries. Ved says London is a good place to live, she must not get sad. He decides to come to London with Sahil and Vaidika soon. Vaidika advices Sadika to be a good girl and not to tease Gauri mama, she hugs Sadika then Ved.

The next morning, Sahil was excited for Diwali celebrations and makes the arrangements. He comes to Bhoomi and asks why she seems upset and poses being a tragedy queen. Bhoomi asks if she said something to him or Vaidika. Sahil convince Bhoomi that being happy is the solution, they are friends and he wants her to stay happy. Bhoomi says she will try, and goes inside.

Vaidika was coming from behind and was about to slip hitting Sahil. He asks her to be careful. Vaidika smiles assuring she is fine. Sahil was happy and wonders how he even thought of living without Vaidika. Bari Amma watch this, she decides to finish Vaidika off once she gives birth to another child; and then Bhoomi and Sahil will bring the children up.
Vaidika comes with to Bhoomi and requests her to forget everything, they must celebrate Diwali as they have always done.

Bhoomi throws the platter away and blames Vaidika for being selfish. Vaidika was helpless that Bhoomi doesn’t want to understand her at all. She reminds Bhoomi that it’s because of Bhoomi only that Bari Amma’s reality was hidden, does she remember stealing pen drive. Sahil would believe her instantly, but she won’t bring Bari Amma’s reality to Sahil. After Vaidika has left, Bhoomi thinks she really won’t understand and in today’s celebrations Sahil won’t be able to overlook her presence.

Bari Amma gifts a jewelry set to Prachi. A pen drive fells off the wardrobe. Bari Amma was at once cautious, she decides to throw it as soon as possible before Sahil grabs it.

Ved insists on Vaidika to eat Diwali as he does on every Diwali. Vaidika takes Ved for medicine, she will later ask the doctor which chocolate he can take. Ved was annoyed with Vaidika. Vaidika gets busy with a call, Ved comes to Bhoomi. Bhoomi tells Ved that Vaidika is a bad aunt, she will not let Ved away from him and takes her for chocolates.

Bari Amma throws the pen drive in the dustbin so that it’s disposed. Ved comes near the dustbin while playing with her bag. Ved finds the chocolate bag near the dustbin and thinks this is where Vaidika placed it. He takes the bag to hide it somewhere.
During the party, Sahil was thankful to his employees for being a part of the celebrations.

Puneesh thinks that soon Sahil will no more be a part of this very team himself. The employees wish Sahil dance with his wife first.