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Man Utd raise season ticket prices for first time in 11 years

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Manchester United have confirmed that the price of a season ticket at Old Trafford will increase for the first time in 11 years for the 2023/24 campaign.


United season ticket holders have been paying the same rate since 2012 because of a prize freeze that had been in effect for 11 successive seasons until this week’s announcement.

The cost of season tickets for the new campaign will now rise by 5% to the nearest pound. There will also be an average price rise of 5% for those who are ‘Executive Club Members’.

United have justified raising prices by explaining that the cost of hosting matches at Old Trafford has grown by 40% since 2018 due to inflation.

“Ticket prices at Old Trafford – along with matchday food and beverage prices – will remain among the most affordable in the Premier League and we are committed to continuing that approach,” the club assured fans in a statement.

“However, with the cost of delivering matches up by 40 per cent in the past five years, and 11 per cent in the past 12 months alone, the modest increase in price for the 2023/24 season is necessary to allow the club to operate on a sustainable basis.

“We understand that our fans are also facing pressure from increased living costs and that is why we have kept price increases well below the current rate of inflation.”

Prices for season tickets within Old Trafford vary depending on where you sit and the most expensive adult season ticket in 2022/23 comes in at £950, with the cheapest £532. The Premier League average is £946.50 for a club’s most expensive adult season ticket and £524 for the cheapest.

For comparison across the league, Tottenham’s most expensive adult season tickets is priced at more than £2,000, with Arsenal at over £1,800 and three other clubs in excess of £1,000. Arsenal’s cheapest adult season ticket in 2022/23 is still more than £920. The current cheapest adult season ticket anywhere in the Premier League is found at West Ham for under £300.