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Tinubu’s Administration Has Failed Security Wise – Ologun

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President Bola Tinubu failed in the area of security, according to a social commentator and Convener, Transparency Action Group, TAG, Ayo Ologun.


Ologun said this as Tinubu marked one year in office.


He however added that the president’s infrastructure policy was commendable.


He called for the compensation of victims affected by the policy.


He made this known in an interview with DAILY POST on the sidelines of The Osun Masterminds’ May State of the State address.


Ologun also called for a reshuffling of the cabinet at the Federal level.


He hinted that many of the appointees were not qualified for the portfolio they were assigned to.


In his words, “You hardly can say a government has not performed even if by mistake.

“There would have been some success recorded. If you want to gauge the administration of President Tinubu, it has to be parastatal-based.

“That is why I am advocating for a cabinet reshuffle. There are a lot of people in that cabinet as ministers that are serving no purpose.

“Some of them are square pegs in round holes. They should be moved to where they can function or they should be shown the way out.

“The question we should ask ourselves is how much success have we recorded in terms of security? Are we better where we are now than where we were?

“In terms of security, this government has failed. We can give them a pass mark in terms of infrastructure but even the so-called pass mark in infrastructure, is it in tandem with the provisions of the finances of this nation?”


Ologun stated that the Lagos to Calabar coastal road is a laudable project since it will open up the economy of the country.


He however challenged the government to tell Nigerians if the project was lawful and captured in the 2024 budget as prescribed by law.

“That is the biggest single project ever embarked upon by any government in the history of this country but the question is, is it in tandem with the economic law? Is it captured in the 2024 budget? That’s my concern.

“There have been cries by those who have properties along that route that they have not been compensated.

“There is also a big question mark on the contractor handling the project. The president has been accused of having interests in that project through his son. How much of this has been addressed?

“If we talk about infrastructure, the Lagos-Ibadan expressway is a good one but all of these do not go without considering the standard of living of the people,” he added/


Decrying the poverty rate in the country, Ologun held that Nigerians were more impoverished now than they were one year ago.


“By and large, the policies of this government, as laudable as they are, have been wrongly executed.


“What is the essence of a good policy executed at the wrong time. It still amounts to failure.


“So if this government wants an applause, the next one year should be towards ensuring that their policies have human face and not making us poor for a future that we are not even sure that we are going to live long enough to enjoy,” he added.