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2023 Elections Might Not Hold – Charly Boy

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Worried about hunger, poverty, the dollar rise and attacks on the offices of INEC, he declared that the 2023 election is currently under threat. Charly Boy
Charly Boy
Nigerian singer/songwriter and activist, Charles Oputa aka Charly Boy has stated that the general elections might not hold in 2023 because powerful politicians that have held the country hostage for years are not willing to relinquish power.
He spoke exclusively to Dailypost from the United Kingdom where he is currently spending his holiday.
Worried about hunger, poverty, the dollar rise, attacks on the offices of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, and a host of other challenges ravaging the entire country, Charlyboy declared that the 2023 election is currently under threat.He said: “There may be no election next year going by what I see. I don’t think that these people who have their stronghold on the nation’s political space are willing to relinquish power to the people.“I repeat, there may not be an election next year. I have been saying this since last year. The way things are going, I doubt it. Nigeria is on a free fall. I have been saying it for years”.Speaking on the dollar rise and the state of the economy, CB said: “I was telling my family that a dollar will get to N1500. Look at what is happening now; it’s almost getting to N1000. There you are. The redesigning of the Naira is not a solution. How can it be a solution when you are producing nothing and you are not exporting? So you just keep printing money to pay salaries and you think that’s a solution?“Do you know what will happen at the end of the day? Because anybody who has money now, will not have tomorrow. If you have 5 million Naira today, some people will think it’s a lot of money, but do you know that every day, that 5 million Naira that you have in the bank keeps depreciating?“If you give it another 4 months, that money will be worth 800k. So where do we go from there? So it looks like there may be no election next year. Everything points to that fact.”