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Young Sheldon – Season 6 Episode 4 Recap & Review

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Young Sheldon
Young Sheldon

Blonde Ambition and the Concept of Zero

Mandy is having breakfast at Meemaw’s place as episode 4 of Young Sheldon Season 6 opens. George Jr is also shown at the breakfast table asking for food, but Meemaw tells him to prepare his own meal. Mandy and George Jr seem to be getting along better than before. George Jr leaves for work after the three have a banter during breakfast.

We observe George Sr in his yard, sipping tea and reading a newspaper as he is unemployed and has plenty of time to kill. George Sr overhears his neighbor Brenda yelling at her son Billy for feeding breakfast cereal to the hens. George Sr asks Brenda whether everything is alright, and the two engage in a conversation from over the fence. Brenda informs George that Billy may fail math and that she does not have enough money to hire a tutor. She then asks George if Sheldon could teach Billy math. George promises to speak to Sheldon.

Missy returns home from school and Mary questions her about her day, she informs her mother that it was terrible. Missy refuses to talk about it when Mary asks her if she wants to. Missy then rushes to Meemaw’s house for advice, which bothers Mary because her daughter isn’t discussing her troubles with her and confiding in Meemaw instead. At Meemaw’s place, Missy discusses her boy troubles with Meemaw, and Meemaw provides her advice on the matter, which Missy accepts.

When George Sr requests that Sheldon teach Billy math, Sheldon initially declines. However, when George Sr employs reverse psychology to imply that Sheldon is incapable of teaching, Sheldon accepts the challenge to teach Billy.

Meemaw is spotted at Mary’s home enjoying snacks with Mary. Mary questions Meemaw about what issues Missy has been having. At first, Meemaw brags and won’t tell Mary anything, but when Mary presses, Meemaw just admits that she’s having some boy problems without going into further detail.

Sheldon is trying to teach Billy math, but Billy pushes Sheldon to question if zero really exists, which shakes his entire perspective because math is meaningless without zero.

We observe that Missy is upset with Meemaw because the boy advice she received from Meemaw backfired. Missy receives an alternative solution to her problem from Mandy that Missy believes will work in its place, so she asks Mandy for advice rather than Meemaw, upsetting the latter.

Meemaw visits Mary’s home and tells Mary how Missy started taking advice from Mandy instead of her. She admits that it does sting her. When George Jr enters the home, he tells them that he is trying to keep himself occupied so that he won’t have to worry about Mandy not wanting him around. George asks Meemaw to speak well of him around Mandy, but Meemaw refuses to do so.

When Sheldon sees Dr. Sturgis, he persuades him as well that zero does not exist. Dr. Sturgis initially doesn’t believe it, but after failing to address Sheldon’s concern, he begins to doubt zero’s existence as well.

When George Jr visits the house, he asks Mary to let him help her prepare dinner. He responds that he wants to learn how to cook for Mandy and the infant when she questions him further. When Mary instructs him to peel potatoes, he accidentally cuts his finger.

Missy informs Mary that she and Mandy are heading to a restaurant for dinner. On the way to the restaurant, Missy tells Mandy that everything went incredibly well and that she did everything she asked her to do. Missy compliments Mandy’s wisdom as she offers her additional counsel.

Thereafter, they engage in some more banter, and during that conversation Mandy tells Missy that anyone can be a blonde, which appeals to Missy.

Dr. Linkletter is told there is no such thing as zero by Sheldon and Dr. Sturgis. Dr. Linkletter initially rejects their hypothesis, but after they explain it to him, and after Dr. Linkletter has had time to think about it, he accepts what they are putting forth.

Following Mandy’s words of wisdom, Missy dyes her hair blonde, but when the process goes wrong and she notices that some of her blonde hair still has red spots, she flips out. When Missy asks Mandy for help, Mandy reassures her that everything will be alright. Missy fears the reaction of her parents after they discover the situation with her hair. While George Sr is looking for Missy, Mandy and George Jr stall him.

Billy is told by Sheldon that he was right and that there is no such thing as zero during their conversation. Sheldon is persuaded by Billy unknowingly to accept zero as a matter of faith. Sheldon contrasts that with his mother’s act of faith in accepting God.

Sheldon concludes that the universe was created by zero because something emerged from nothing. After that, Sheldon and Billy worship zero, and Sheldon expresses his gratitude for all that zero made possible. After worshipping zero, Billy switches back to Jesus when he realizes that he still needs to study for the test.

George Sr knocks on the door because he needs to use the washroom when Missy is hiding in the washroom. Thereafter, Missy jumps from the washroom window. Missy goes to Meemaw’s house as Mary returns from work. When Meemaw brings Missy home, her mother gets upset, Sheldon feels uneasy as Missy’s hair is a change for him, and George Sr goes to the washroom outside.

Missy can be spotted at school concealing her blonde hair with a monkey cap. Billy allows Missy to copy from him while the class appears to be taking an exam. After that, we learn that Billy passed the exam and entered the seventh grade, where he stayed for several years.

The Episode Review

The prequel to The Big Bang Theory delves deeper into George Sr’s connection with Brenda in this episode. While the two seem to connect and we can tell that he has a soft spot for her, the distance between George and Mary continues to grow.

Additionally, Sheldon appears to be getting along with Billy when George asks him to teach him math. Billy’s name appears on Sheldon’s list of foes in the Big Bang Theory. We are compelled to speculate as to what went wrong between the two.

We can’t help but assume that Brenda and George had an affair, which might have been the reason behind why he hated Billy. Given how often Sheldon has shown himself to be an unreliable narrator, it’s also feasible that the two shows’ narratives differ.

The episode also shows George Jr and Mandy getting closer and discussing their pregnancy. George marries young, according to Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. We can’t help but speculate that it might be with Mandy and that he might ultimately end up with Mandy as the season progresses.

The episode entertains with its customary lighthearted banter as the show’s plot appears to steadily unfold. It continues to test our patience and we can’t wait to see where the show is heading.