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Will there be Barbarian 2? Here is what you need to know about the sequel

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Barbarian 2

Zach Cregger’s Barbarian has taken the internet world by storm. The horror flick was initially released theatrically in the month of September and raked up pretty impressive numbers. In fact, Barbarian became what the modern world calls a “sleeper hit”. Having turned a significant profit commercially, an OTT release was subsequently approved about 45 days from the cinematic release and here we are.

It has instantly gained a huge fan following and people can not stop obsessing over it. The unconventional marriage of horror subgenres has attracted a lot of discussion and calls for a sequel as soon as possible. In this article, we clear the air around a possible sequel and bring you the latest chatter about the movie itself. Here are all your questions answered about a possible sequel for Barbarian.

What is Barbarian about?

The premise cannot be explained without giving you ample spoilers so keep that in mind before starting to read this.

The setting is essentially a house in a scary part of the city. Two people, Tess and Keith, book the same house for renting purposes through different mobile applications. While Tess is staying there for a job interview the next day, Keith is a part of the music band, Lion Tamers, and is checking out new spaces in the area. Their awkward first night is nothing compared to the horrors of the second when Keith and Tess explore the elongated dungeon-like terrain below in the house’s basement.

A creature of some sort resides there and when actor AJ comes back to the house he owns to sell it, he is embroiled in the ballyhoo too. A flashback then vaguely determines how this creature came to be and how the house was indeed a predator’s den back in the old days.

Will there be a Barbarian 2?

To disappoint you, the answer is no. Yes, you would expect big studios to force a sequel, perhaps even a franchise, if such a small-budget film does this well at the box office. Not just that, but also has the potential to become a cult classic. It seems like a film that will have a special place in the hearts of genre purists and enthusiasts generally. But in this case, there are no big studios attached to the project. Barbarian went through product hell as the story was not picked up for many years. The project almost got shelved and even after getting picked up, it changed hands.

Zach Cregger, the director clarified in this interview in the following words. “There won’t be any ‘Barbarian 2,’” he said. “What would it be? I always joke when people ask me, ‘Yeah, [The Mother] has to go get her driver’s license and GED and try to reintegrate into society. I’d watch that movie, but I wouldn’t make it.” He is open to making more exciting horror films but it seems like the possibilities for a sequel are next to none. Cregger does not seem to be interested in a prequel either, something to do with Frank’s character.

He explains:

“I don’t think I’m necessarily interested in a prequel right now. I think it would have to tell the story of Frank [Richard Brake], and I’m personally not interested in making a movie about a man who abducts women. I’m more than happy to have that be the setting for another story like Barbarian is, but I don’t want to watch that guy for an hour and a half. I could be thinking about it all wrong. Maybe I’ll change my tune, but at the moment, no.”

However, if a big studio does decide to buy the rights to the film, someone else could very well develop a sequel or even a franchise, as is the tragic and ironic norm in our times.

What could happen in Barbarian 2?

If the above scenario does happen, the sequel might very well have a story that explains how “The Mother” actually came into being. Richard Brake has a phenomenal aura about him. The actor has a passionate fan following too and people would flock to see him headline a horror project. Barbarian saw limited screen time for him. But exploring those times, especially in the format he was introduced would be an exciting idea.

For now, all that is speculation. Consider a sequel for Barbarian not happening but do not give up hope for the greed for money can do wonders. Good surprises may spring from the unlikeliest, darkest of places.