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Wendell and Wild (2022) Ending Explained – How do Kat and the others stop Klax Corp?

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Wendell and Wild Plot Synopsis

Wendell and Wild follows the life of Kat Elliot, who loses her parents at the young age of eight and faces the traumas of the foster system and juvenile detention centre before she is relocated to a school in her home town. Once there, the now teenage Kat realises she is a hell maiden. Her demons, Wendell and Wild, convince her to raise them up to the land of the living. In return, they promise to bring her parents back from the dead.

Thanks to Kat’s efforts, Wendell and Wild are raised from the underworld. But a snag in their path leads them to come out at the wrong gravesite. They end up using their father’s hair rejuvenating cream to revive the school’s headmaster, Father Best, instead. He introduces them to Lane and Irmgard Klaxon of Klax Korp. They strike a deal in which Wendell and Wild will raise the deceased members of the town council so that they can vote in favour of Klax Korp’s private prison. In exchange, the Klaxons will give them enough money to build their Dream Faire, a theme park for the afterlife.

Kat wants her parents back, the demons want their theme park, and the Klaxons want a profitable private prison. Read on to find out whose desires truly get fulfilled!

Does Kat manage to bring her parents back from the dead?

Kat confronts Wendell and Wild about her parents but the Klaxons made them promise they won’t raise anyone else from the dead. So, the demons stall Kat by making her swear allegiance to them and instructing her to get them take-out. Meanwhile, they make Raúl help them dig up the old council members.

Later, when Wendell and Wild get high on hair cream and fall asleep, Raúl steals it. He goes to Kat’s parents’ graves and revives them, telling them to hurry and get to Kat. On her way back, Kat notices lights on in her old home. She enters and finds her parents waiting for her! After a heartwarming reunion, they tell her that Raúl saved them and she should go help him.

Does Kat overcome her personal demon?

Kat saves Raúl from Wendell and Wild but her hand keeps glowing green, as it has been since she swore allegiance to her demons. She keeps losing control of it too. Sister Helley finds her in time and admits to being a hell-maiden herself. She takes her to Manberg, the school janitor who has a flair for capturing demons in jars.

He blood binds the two hell maidens, giving Kat more power to confront her demon. Inside a room known as the redemption chamber, Sister Helley guides Kat into looking at all her past traumas and bad memories and coming to terms with them. Kat faces off with her ultimate demon, knocks it down and then pulls it into a hug — forgiving herself for what happened with her parents. She also realises she has the gift to see the future.

Does Kat find out about Wendell and Wild’s schemes?

The demon pair try to kidnap and get rid of Kat’s parents but fail. Kat arrives with Sister Helley and Raúl, and the demons and Father Best are forced to admit they made a deal with the Klaxons. At that moment, Siobhan reaches the party and informs them that her parents aren’t going to sponsor the school or the fair. They realise the Klaxons gave them fake money. Siobhan shows them the bulldozers and Kat has a vision of them destroying the town in the future.

Does Buffalo Belzer find out what his sons have done?

He indeed does and is furious enough to come up to the land of the living himself, inadvertently destroying the Scream Faire resting on his stomach. He grabs Wendell and Wild but suddenly the sun comes up, throwing light on Raúl’s mural of a parent protecting their child from monsters. Seeing this makes Buffalo Belzer open up about how he simply wanted to protect his sons as many of his other children came to the land of the living and never returned.

Manberg then returns all the demons he captured in his jars in exchange for Belzer letting the others go. Belzer even promises to let Wendell and Wild design the new fair.

How did Kat and the others stop Klax Corp?

Meanwhile, the problem with Klax Corp remains. So Raúl heads off with the remaining cream to revive witnesses from Rust Bank’s fire. As the Klaxons begin demolishing the town, Kat and the others get in the way and manage to stop all the bulldozers. Raúl’s mother then returns with witnesses from the Rust Bank fire who prove that the Klaxons were responsible. The couple are arrested, leading to the end of Klax Korp.

How does Wendell and Wild end?

After the bad guys are taken away, Kat embraces her parents. But the power of the hair cream wanes and they start coughing. They ask Kat to tell them about Rust Bank’s future. She tells them to hold tight and shows them how the town comes back to life. People return to Rust Bank and Kat helps Sister Helley continue the reintegration program for kids from prison. After telling Kat how proud they are of her and how much they love her, Wilma and Delroy pass away.

Wendell and Wild then show Kat the plan for their Dream Faire — a lively and beautiful place, assuring Kat that her parents will be fine. The film closes with Kat musing about how she thought she would hate herself forever but now she doesn’t have to as she is surrounded by amazing friends, including Wendell and Wild.