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UFC Veteran Phil Baroni Charged With Murder in Death of Girlfriend

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Former Ultimate Fighting Championship veteran Phil Baroni has been charged with murder in the death of his girlfriend according to a report from Tribuna De La Bahia.


The former mixed martial artist and boxer was in San Pancho, Mexico, where he was arrested and charged with murder. According to the report, Baroni got into an argument with his girlfriend after she revealed she had cheated on him. Baroni then allegedly threw her into the shower after she refused to take one, which caused her to fall and hit her head. Baroni claims he helped her back to bed, then left the room to get her cigarettes and beer upon her request. When he came back into the room, the woman was unconscious.

Baroni alerted police, who found his girlfriend lying naked on the bed covered in a sheet with no vital signs. Bruises on her face and body indicate she was assaulted. An autopsy will be held to figure out the cause of death.

Known as the “New York Bad Ass,” Baroni was a fan-favorite fighter due to his action-heavy style and boisterous persona. Ultimately, Baroni left the sport with a middling record of 16-19, having gone 3-6 inside the Octagon. The 49-year-old last fought in mixed martial arts in 2019, although he boxed professionally in 2021. Baroni also had several pro wrestling matches, including a match for Game Changer Wrestling at Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport in 2019.