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The Substance Release Date Confirmed for Cannes Body Horror Movie Smash Starring Demi Moore

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The Substance Release Date Confirmed for Cannes Body Horror Movie Smash Starring Demi Moore

The Substance release date has been confirmed by Mubi, with Coralie Fargeat’s body horror movie and star Demi Moore coming off rave reviews at Cannes.

The Substance release date: When can you watch the Demi Moore Cannes smash?

The movie won the best screenplay award at the festival. Understandable as it received widespread praise from critics (though some had very divisive reactions). Ahead of the film’s Cannes 2024 bow, Mubi acquired its distribution rights. And now, it’s revealed that The Substance will be released on September 20, 2024.

In The Substance, the story sees a fading celebrity decide to use a mysterious black market cell-replicating drug to recapture her youth. The drug creates a younger, better version of her that exists as a separate entity. But only one of them can be conscious at a time, and they must swap out at certain times. And some rules cannot be broken.

Written and directed by Revenge filmmaker Coralie Fargeat, The Substance stars Demi Moore, Margaret Qualley, and Dennis Quaid. It also stars Gore Abrams, Hugo Diego Garcia, Olivier Reyna, and Tiffany Hofstetter.

Benjamin Kracun (Promising Young Woman) is the director of photography on The Substance. Fargeat, Jerome Eltabet (Revenge), and Valentin Féron are the co-editors. The score is composed by Raffertie (I May Destroy You), Production Design is led by Stanislas Reydellet (Le Bal Des Folles), and Costume Design is by Emmanuelle Youchnovski (Café de Flore, La belle époque).

Fargeat previously made herself known in 2017’s brutal and intense French-language movie Revenge. The story of the film saw Jen’s (Matilda Lutz) romantic getaway with her wealthy (married) boyfriend (Kevin Janssens) become a deadly disaster. When his friends arrive for an impromptu hunting trip, the situation gets horribly out of hand. Then a left-for-dead Jen comes back to wreak bloody havoc on the men who have wronged her.