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The Mandela Effect Phenomenon Trailer Sets Release Date for Documentary

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The Mandela Effect Phenomenon Trailer Sets Release Date for Documentary

The Mandela Effect Phenomenon trailer for Uncork’d Entertainment’s forthcoming documentary film has been released.

The video highlights popular theories surrounding the titular strange phenomena, which is the term used for a group of people who misremember certain details from past. This includes believing that Nelson Mandela had died in prison back in the 1980s, when in reality he died in 2013. The It is scheduled to arrive on digital starting on July 9, 2024.

Check out The Mandela Effect Phenomenon trailer below


What is The Mandela Effect Phenomenon about?

“Something mind-blowing is happening, where half the people swear reality’s been altered, like they’re from another timeline,” reads the synopsis. “Millions claim movies are different, and TV show titles, celebrities’ names, logos and brands, other cultural touchstones and even the Bible are not what they once were. Is a supernatural force ‘Editing’ history?”

The Mandela Effect Phenomenon hails from writer-director Robert Kiviat, who previously produced multiple documentaries about aliens and historical events, including 2013’s I Shot JFK: The Shocking Truth, 2014’s Aliens on the Moon: The Truth Exposed, and 2020’s Are They Here? UFOs Caught on Camera. The documentary will be executive produced Kiviat, while Dame Lackaff is producing. It will star Kiviat, Mark Laflamme and Jacob Israel.