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The Kardashians (Hulu) – Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Review

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One Night In Miami

Episode 5 of The Kardashians Season 2 starts with Kris’ hip replacement surgery which ends on a successful note. Kim and Corey wait for Kris to come out of surgery. After that, the episode cuts out to a few weeks later when Khloe visits her mother. Kris tells Khloe that she is feeling much better now and that she also attempted to walk using a tiny walker.

Download Series : The Kardashians Season 2 Episode 1-5 [TV Series]
Download Series : The Kardashians Season 2 Episode 1-5 [TV Series]

Khloe calls Kylie who greets their mother as they converse about their eventual deaths. Khloe mentions that she would love to be cremated whereas Kylie and Kris are adamant about getting buried. Kris states that Kim had asked her doctors to save Kris’ hip bone from the surgery in order for her to make an ornament out of it. Khloe and Kylie find that morbid and leave their mother to rest.

The episode then moves to Kendall visiting Kylie at her office. The new mom of two shares that she has been having depressive episodes post-partum which she calls baby blues. She mentions that she had been crying all day non-stop for three weeks and has finally started accepting her post-partum body for what it is.

Kylie tells Kendall that she is ready to have her first day out in almost a year since she had fallen pregnant. Kendall tells Kylie that she will be hosting a party in Las Vegas for her alcohol brand – 818. She asks the youngest sister to join her there. The model also states that Kourtney will be there with Travis Barker to attend the Grammy Awards which makes it a three-sister trip.

Kylie is ecstatic about that and wonders what she will wear for the party. Kendall asks her to stop worrying about her body and focus on having fun. Next, Khloe and Kim are at Kris’ house when Kim invites the Good American owner for a night-out trip to Miami. Kim mentions that with the past few weeks that she has had, she needs some time out just like Khloe.

Kris states that since she cannot travel due to the surgery, she will stay back home and look after the kids. Khloe is hesitant at first and states that she will think about it. Kim tries to sweeten the deal by inviting their mutual friends including Khloe’s best friends Malika and Khadijah. As they are about to part ways, Kris mentions that she will be focussing to get back on work and will be keeping an eye out on the Blac Chyna defamation trial.

Khloe mentions Rob’s deposition when Kris asks her to stop talking about it as the cameras were on them. The episode transitions to Malika visiting Khloe in order to convince her to go on the girl’s trip to Miami for Kim’s swimwear collection for her brand, SKIMS. Khloe eventually gives in to Malika’s coercion and agrees to go out on the trip.

Khloe shares how upset with the paparazzi going to unexpected extents trying to catch them falter. Malika reassures Khloe saying that things like this could very well happen in California too and convinces her to stop thinking about it and just take the trip. Kendall boards the Kylie Air private flight to Las Vegas with her friends including model, Hailey Bieber.

As it turns out, Kylie has dropped out of the trip because of personal reasons that come with having not one but two kids. Kendall shares how she is sad that she won’t have any sister time with Kylie. Kendall tells Hailey that it is always the two that show up because they are built to fulfil commitments once they make them.

Khloe takes the Kim Air private flight with Kim and her girl gang to go to Miami. She also shares that since Kim Air has an ER (extended range), they will make it in less than 4 hours instead of the usual 5.5 hours. Khloe makes a prayer for their trip as they take off for Miami. After they land in Miami, Khloe calls her daughter True and Kim calls her daughter Chicago via facetime.

Khloe then calls Kourtney telling her how she is having flashbacks from when the two sisters lived in Miami. Kourtney shares that she was not even invited to Kim’s Swimwear launch and Kim states that she did not think Kourtney would even come. She mentions how she wants to be taken back to the time when there were no paparazzi.

All of a sudden Kim and Khloe get harassed by the paparazzi as they bang on their car windows which gets Khloe anxious. Once at the hotel, the sisters and their girl friends are all back to having fun whereas Kim is panicking about the amount of things she needs to oversee before the launch.

The episode then goes back to California where she is with her physical trainer and doctor who help her find her routine in order for her to recover faster. The doctor points out that Kris is doing well without even taking any narcotics. Kris jokes saying that she has a lot of paperwork to take care of for her to be drugged.

Next Kendall making an appearance at the Tao beach club in Las Vegas. Kendall shares how big crowds overwhelm her as she claims that anything she does gets hate online not matter what it is. Kendall thanks her friends for being there for her at the club. Meanwhile she tells the producers that one narrative about her that annoys her the most is that people claim that she is a mean girl. She states that once people get to know her, only then they will learn how she really is.

Scott Disick and Brody Jenner (Kendall’s half-brother) join her with model Winnie Harlow at the club while she shares that an ideal evening for her would be in a farm around animals in Wyoming, getting wasted. Back in Miami, Khloe is having the time of her life whereas Kim takes pictures in a bikini for her Instagram which she calls a business.

She shares that she has a hard time with having to get so much done that she never has a moment to herself. Khloe, Kim and their friends are on the launch where Khlow shares how the paparazzi are annoying as they follow them around everywhere. Kim also mentions how she feels about the pop-up shop while in Vegas, Kendall is ready to call it a night after dinner.

Kylie calls Kendall and asks her to have fun but Kendall shares that she is an introvert and would rather just come back to her room after dinner. Kendall mentions that Kim is the most extrovert sister of all and it shows as the episode moves back to Miami with Kim greeting a crowd of people. Khloe tells Malika how she feels out of place because it seems like Kim’s work event and not their girl’s trip.

Khloe is downing drinks as Kim shares how this is her mom’s night out trip with Khloe. After a while, Kim raises a toast to her family and her work ethic which Khloe praises her for. The girl’s trip is taken back to the room where all the other girls have fun but Kim is in a corner working. Khloe throws a rager in the room and warns Kim asking her to get up.

Kim explains that she is working on keeping the good photos up so that all the girls look good instead of having the bad ones sent out to print. Khloe gets Kim to leave as she starts hurling abuses at the sister to get her to leave the room in order to go to a club. At the club, Khloe, Kim and the other girls do not like the vibe and decide to call it a night.

Khloe decides that her trip was great for her and that now it was time for her to leave and go back home to her baby. Kendall is also winding down with an intimate dinner with her friends. Kendall explains that even though it has been a decade for her as a model, she still is more inclined to be a businesswoman.

The episode takes a shocking twist when several news reports allege that Kourtney and Travis Barker had gotten married in a secret ceremony in Las Vegas. The producers ask Kourtney is she got married there and she leave the episode on an open-ended note.

The Episode Review

The show is at a place where original fans would have expected a lot more drama than what we are seeing. The entire Hulu original is a muted and tamed down version of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and it does not seem as interesting without the drama. Kim chooses to remain tight-lipped about Kanye and his drama online with her dating Pete.

The Kardashians also attempts to keep the real controversy aside by painting the family in the best light possible which is why it can seem biased. Kris makes it obvious she she ambushes Khloe from mentioning Rob’s lawsuit with Chyna. While this could be an attempt to save themselves from potential future damage, airing the show as “Reality- Television” then is a lie.

I am sure the makers will not address the issues with Kim and Kylie leaving a high amount of carbon footprint along with other famous celebrities. However, the episode still boasts the private planes owned by the two sisters as if there is not a hint of guilt for what they are doing to destroy the planet.

The only thing I was truly looking forward to in this episode was Kourtney’s secret wedding but it looks like we will have to wait another week for that to go down.

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