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Station 19 – Season 6 Episode 1 “Twist and Shout” Recap & Review

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Episode 1 of Station 19 Season 6 starts with a six-month time jump. Andy is teaching a self-defense class at the station. At least, there is one silver lining from the sexual assault ordeal she went through.

She is back with 19 having taken Gibson’s spot who quit his job and is trying to trace down his foster sibling. At least that is what he told Andy and the rest of 19.

Maya and Carina are still trying to get pregnant. This is their fifth try and they are feeling down; they have not been able to succeed so far. Maya is still angry that she has not been able to get her job back. At the end of last season, she threatened Chief Natasha and Sullivan to report their relationship if Natasha doesn’t promote her back to Captain. It looks like the blackmail backfired on her.

Travis is running for Mayor and he has a meet and greet at the North East Seattle Homeowners Association. Vicky and Theo think he should stay away from revealing his stance on any matter. He should shake hands, eat cheese, look pretty and say nothing. Travis is panicking but Vicky gives him a pep talk reminding him his job throughout his campaign is to make Dixon look bad. I am not sure Travis will make it through this meeting, he is very opinionated. Let us see how this goes.

The team gets a call and they rush to rescue three people who had a car accident. A woman  is stuck in her car and Andy starts administering first aid. Before they can get her out of her car, they spot a tornado approaching. They are left with no choice but to leave her in her car and take cover. The tornado lifts her to a different destination leaving Andy stressed out about her current location.

Luckily, the woman in the car was dropped near Travis’s event and he immediately switches to firefighter mode. He secures her and helps to save her much to Dixon’s disdain. Dickson thinks Travis is putting up a show for the cameras so he can get more votes. It doesn’t matter if that is true because at the end of the day Travis will always be a hero. Plus, good press for him and the firehouse is a great advantage. Also, let us not forget to acknowledge how good he looked rocking that suit!

Ben is on desk duty and he stays back with Carina. Carina confides in him that she is worried that her marriage may not survive if Maya gets another demotion. Ben and Carina are still at the station when the tornado hits. Ben finds it ironic that he stayed back to take lesser risks for his family’s sake and he might end up “being taken out by an act of God.” As they deal with the aftermath of a tornado, a man walks in with a glass wound on his arm.

Ben argues that they should call an aid car to take him to the hospital but Carina is confident that they can treat him at the station. The wound turns out to be deeper than Carina expected and they are forced to do surgery at the station. Ben starts to realize how his rogue actions affected his teammates when Carina puts him in that tough liable situation. Hopefully, this new self-awareness will keep him from going rogue in the future.

On their way back, the team gets another call to rescue a man pinned down by a tree in his bedroom. They are shocked and hurt to find the said man is none other than Gibson who they thought was in Kansas City. Gibson has been struggling after finding out that his parents gave him up for adoption but chose to keep his  siblings.

Understandably, this revelation affected him mentally and Vicky tells him he should not let him kill him just because he is in a bad place at the moment. Gibson has been making bad choices and lying to the people that care about him. He needs help but is not willing to accept it. Seeing him in this state is hard for Andy and she vows to make it her mission to “save him whether he likes it or not.”

Meanwhile, Beckett is giving Maya a hard time at the firehouse and Carina confronts him about it. Beckett tells her that Maya got on his bad side when she blackmailed Natasha to give her his job. Carina didn’t know this and is angry Maya hid this from her. She tells Maya that for the past six months, she has been angry about her demotion and it has been taking a toll on their marriage. If they are going to make it and have a baby together, Maya needs to get help.

Episode Review

It is sad to see one of our favorite couples on the show have a hard time. Maya has been carrying this anger for months, it must be exhausting. I think Carina is right, Maya has a habit to sabotage and create chaos when she is happy. It might be time for her to let go of her anger about her demotion otherwise she might lose Carina.

Gibson needs help but Andy should know she can’t fix him. He has to want help so that she can get through to him. Forcefully helping him might not go well but we have our fingers crossed that Gibson gets better.