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Stan Lee’s Daughter Sues POW! Entertainment Over ‘Suspicious Transactions’

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Stan Lee‘s daughter is suing POW! Entertainment, the company that holds the rights to her father’s name, likeness, and intellectual property, over what she alleges are suspicious transactions.

In a lawsuit filed in L.A. Superior Court on Tuesday (via Variety), J.C. Lee claims that through a series of “suspicious transactions,” POW! has diluted her stake in the company. She also alleges that she hasn’t received any payments required under Lee and POW!’s intellectual property agreement.

What is J.C. Lee seeking?

According to the suit, Lee says that Stan Lee and his late wife, Joan Lee, owned nearly 45% of the company when it was formed in 2001. Due to the alleged “questionable transactions,” though, J.C. says that the Lee Trust has only 15% of the company as of now.

This is not the first time that Lee and POW! Entertainment have clashed. In 2019, Lee sued the company over what she claimed POW! was wrongfully claiming ownership of her father’s name and likeness.

A judge dismissed the suit in 2020, though, noting that the claims were “frivolous” and “factually and legally baseless.” As a result, the judge ordered Lee to pay $1 million in sanctions in an effort to deter any future lawsuits.