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Sony’s Ghostbusters Animated Film Gets an Update From Director

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Last June, it was officially announced that Sony Pictures Animation was developing the first animated film adaptation of the Ghostbusters franchise. Now, one of its directors — Jennifer Kluska — has finally opened up about the highly-anticipated project. Speaking with The Wrap, Kluska expressed her excitement at bringing Ghostbusters back in animated form, which gives the story a much “bigger, weirder stage to play upon.”


“It feels sort of very right and fitting to come back to Ghostbusters in an animated form. It feels like so many Ghostbusters fans come from that space as well,” Kluska said. “And that gives you this bigger, weirder stage to play upon. And I think we want to obviously do something very new and different, as we always do but we know that there are so many Ghostbusters fans who just are waiting to see this franchise animated again.”

Kluska also went on to tease their own approach for the film in terms of visual style and tone that will somehow be connected to the franchise.

“By design this is going to be different. I think all of the films that Sony does are very consciously stylistically and tonally different and more and more also visually,” Kluska said. “The technology and the artistry pushes the medium and we are going to be looking for our own approach that’s going to be a very specific link to the Ghostbusters franchise, to the world of supernatural and to the telling of ghost stories.”

The animated film adaptation of Ghostbusters will be produced by Sony Pictures Animation. This project seems to be different from the recently announced Ghostbusters animated series for Netflix, which will also involve Jason Reitman and Gil Kenan.

The untitled animated film will be directed by Chris Prynoski (Beavis and Butt-Head Do the Universe) Jennifer Kluska (Hotel Transylvania: Transformania) from a screenplay written by Brenda Hsueh. The project is being developed by Reitman and Kenan through their Ghost Corps, Inc. banner.