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Sifu Movie Incoming From John Wick Writer

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Sloclap’s brawler Sifu was renowned for its melee combat and its action was often likened to movies like Oldboy and The Raid. And after being compared to so many films, Sifu itself is being adapted into one.


According to Deadline, media company Story Kitchen is partnering with Sloclap to bring this game to the silver screen. Derek Kolstad, who is known for writing the John Wick movies and 2021’s Nobody, is slated to write the script. Kolstad is also producing it alongside Dmitri M. Johnson, Mike Goldberg, Dan Jevons, Jeff Ludwig, and Timothy I. Stevenson.

It’ll be live-action adaptation, too, but no other creatives have been attached to the project yet. Kolstad is also working on a number of different video game projects, including films based on Just Cause and Streets of Rage, Netflix’s Splinter Cell anime, and a Hitman series. Fellow John Wick alum Chad Stahelski (who is not attached to this Sifu project) is also working on his own video game movie, as he is directing the upcoming Ghost of Tsushima film.

Sifu‘s tempo and style naturally opened the door for movie comparisons, which prompted some to mod in character models from famous action films. Some of these martial arts masters include Daredevil, Batman, Neo from The Matrix, and even John Wick.

Sloclap itself has also been adding its own skins to the game as it runs through its previously announced roadmap. Its replay editor update is slated for sometime in December while its Arenas game mode is scheduled for the winter.