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Netflix Shares Shaquille O’Neal’s Lost Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F Audition Tape

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Netflix Shares Shaquille O’Neal’s Lost Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F Audition Tape

Netflix has released a new video for its upcoming movie Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F, showing NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal’s lost audition tape for a role in the film.

The new video sees Shaq attempting to nail a few lines in an attempt to get a role in the film. He jokes that he’s improved a ton since his 1996 film Kazam, but still has some trouble getting the lines out. In the end, Shaq flashes a badge and then changes the movie’s logo to “Beverly Hills Cop: Shaqxel F.”

Check out the video below:

What do we know about Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F?

“Detective Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy) is back on the beat in Beverly Hills. After his daughter’s life is threatened, she (Taylour Paige) and Foley team up with a new partner (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and old pals Billy Rosewood (Judge Reinhold) and John Taggart (John Ashton) to turn up the heat and uncover a conspiracy,” the synopsis for the movie reads.

Along with Murphy, Paige, Gordon-Levitt, Reinhold, and Ashton, Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F stars Kevin Bacon, Paul Reiser, Bronson Pinchot, and Mark Pellegrino.

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F marks the feature film directorial debut of Mark Molloy. The story comes from Will Beall, who co-wrote the screenplay with Tom Gormican and Kevin Etten.

The first Beverly Hills Cop movie, directed by Martin Brest, was released in 1984. It quickly became a huge financial hit, making approximately $234 million at the global box office, and helped further Murphy’s acting career following his roles in 1982’s 48 Hrs., 1983’s Trading Places, and 1984’s Best Defense.