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Love In The Air – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

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Could You Be the Wind That Passes By?

In Episode 9 of Love In The Air we see Prapai getting dressed to meet Sky on his day off. Before leaving his house, Prapai had an endearing chat with his younger brother and sister which shows the dynamic he shares with them. Sky is at home and hungry but finds nothing to eat at home. He leaves his apartment complex dressed in his night suit and flip-flops when he spots Prapai waiting for him outside.

Sky claims that he threw the flowers he sent but the biker and businessman point out how Sky was too emotional to throw the flowers and gave them to P’Joy instead. Prapai says that he was here to learn more things about Sky and get to know him better. Sky recalls his past trauma with his ex and is lost for a moment which concerns Prapai.

Sky leaves stating he was hungry and needed to get breakfast while Prapai tags along with him grabbing his hand and leading the way. Prapai praises Sky and flirts with him as they wait for their food but Sky continues to be curt with him. Sky is embarrassed when Prapai mentions how he has nipple piercings.

Sky eats his meal in silence and leaves without responding to Prapai who is telling Sky about his family and life. Sky pays for his food and leaves but Prapai continues to tag along with him. Outside, Sky asks Prapai to leave him alone and walks away after they have bickered for a while. Prapai calls Rain to ask him something about Sky.

Sky is in class trying to engross himself in work when Rain confronts him asking Sky about his sexual orientation. Sky tells Rain that revealing his sexual preferences was his choice and that it was up to him when and to whom to tell his preferences to. Rain brushes that aside and asks Sky to date Sky but Sky asks him to stop trying to influence him. Sky finds food that Prapai left outside his apartment door but decides to throw it away as he doesn’t want to lead Prapai on.

That night, Sky has a nightmare about two men forcing themselves onto him and he wakes up with a jolt. He tries to pacify himself when he gets an endearing text from Sky that makes his heart flutter. He tries to bring himself back to his senses and blocks Prapai’s number. Prapai is unable to contact Sky but he wonders why Sky had that look in his eyes before they went out for breakfast.

The next day, Prapai is early and waiting outside Sky’s apartment building. He states that he was leaving for an international trip but wanted to see him before leaving. He also hands Sky breakfast and claims that he stood in a queue since 5 am to get him the meal. Sky unwillingly takes the meal and Prapai leaves to go abroad.

The week zooms by with Sky over-exhausting himself with studies as well as the fresher’s party. Prapai continues to send him texts from different numbers as Sky keeps blocking all his numbers. Sky and Sig arrive at college early as it was a busy day for them. Som finds them and scolds Sky for not teaching the juniors how to respect him. He starts hurling abuses at Sky but Sig tries to turn the situation around on Som.

After Som has left, Sig states that Som was only lashing out at him because of his crush on Phayu who was dating Sky’s best friend, Rain. Sky is upset but brushes it off. That night, Sky has a nightmare again but forces himself to forget all about it. He is upset that Prapai’s texts and calls are bringing his nightmares back.

The next day, Sky arrives at college in a sick state. He forces himself to attend class but faints inside the class. Rain and his other friends rush him to the hospital. Prapai is back in Bangkok and tries calling Sky with a new number. Rain answers the call and lets Prapai know about Sky’s health. Prapai rushes to Sky’s apartment which Rain has taken him back to after a trip to the hospital.

Sky is worried and rushes to the apartment. Rain is waiting outside and states that he needs to go to college for some important work. He makes Prapai promise that he will look after Sky and trusts him with the key to Sky’s apartment. Sky was resting after the IV drop from the hospital. Prapai goes inside the apartment and starts tending to Sky who subconsciously holds on to the biker while he sleeps.

Prapai talks to him as he sleeps and wonders why his eyes were so sad. Throughout the day, Prapai takes care of Sky by changing his sheets, clothes and by giving him a sponge bath and even washing his clothes. An epilogue shows Prapai getting ready to meet Sky where he practices terms of endearment he would call the student. Prapai settles on Nong Sky.

The Episode Review

Looks like Prapai is wearing Sky down and we are here for Sky finally warming up to the biker. This episode made me forgive Prapai for all of the things he did wrong over the last few episodes. Moreover, it is great seeing Prapai’s character development and I can’t wait for the time when Sky totally accepts him.

The basis of their relationship is strong so I wish the writers and makers gave them more time and more development. I wanted Prapai to learn about Sky’s past and help him overcome it but it seems like the makers skipped past that and had Sky moving over his inhibitions on his own.

The episode was wholesome and it really is a different take that Rain and Payu’s love story so I hope we get more light-hearted banter between Sky and Prapai in the episodes to come.