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Love In The Air – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

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The Near Raging Storm

Episode 6 of Love In The Air starts with Payu taking Rain to the illegal race where Rain meets Payu’s boss’ right-hand man, P’Chai. He introduces Rain as his boyfriend to Chai and Saifah enquires about their boss, Mr Pakin, not showing up for the race.

Chai leaves them alone as Rain clings on to Payu, worried about his safety. Payu asks Rain to stop worrying and introduces him to his biker friends. The boys Payu ran into at the restaurant the day before are also at the bike race.

One of the two boys gets his friend to enter the race without a proper invitation. Saifah notices the two boys and confronts them asking them to race with his friend. Prapai spots Rain standing alone in a corner and chats up with him. He is just about to ask about Sky when Saifah brings the boys around. Saifah states that one of the two boys will be competing against Prapai.

The boy is pretty confident despite being a first-time racer and Prapai takes them with him. Saifah stays back with Rain and tells the latter that he wants to teach the boys a lesson and only lured them into a race with Prapai – the number 1 racer in the group.

At a distance, Payu notices the boys and starts fighting with them. The boy calls Payu a lowly mechanic but Payu walks away. Prapai asks the boy to focus on the race that starts minutes after. Both bikers are racing around the city with Prapai riding the red bike and the boy riding the blue bike.

After Prapai wins the race, the boy accuses him and Payu of cheating by giving him a faulty bike. Payu mentions that he did not lose because the bike was faulty but because he was incompetent. The boy grabs Payu to assault him when Chai arrives and brings his men, kicking him out.

The boy insults the race, threatening to expose them before he leaves. After the race is over, Rain and Payu check up on each other and Rain asks if Payu really did something to the bike. Payu shared that he did not and that he was fuming because the boy spat on the bike.

Rain tries to distract Payu by praising him for keeping his cool which makes Payu give in. Payu starts kissing Rain as bikers zoom by. The next day, Payu is held back at work for longer than usual when he gets a text from Rain. Rain mentions that he is at the garage making Payu smile.

His colleague asks him about the text when there is a loud thunder outside. Payu is back at the garage where he finds Rain typing out something for the garage. Payu greets him with a drink as his wage and states that it is his duty to help out as the boyfriend of the garage owner. Rain asks to be paid fairly with a kiss and Payu complies.

Just then, Saifah arrives sharing that the boy from the night before has challenged Payu to a race. Rain stays the night at Payu’s house due to the bad weather and tries to talk him out of racing the boy. Rain mentions that he is worried about Payu because he is sure that the boy will do something wrong in order to defeat Payu.

Payu states that for unexplainable reasons, he will have to accept the challenge. Rain asks him to make a promise not to be injured during the race and Payu asks him to stop worrying so much since it was only a bike race. They hug in silence after. The next day, Rain is at the race track when sSaifah and Prapai arrive to watch the fun.

Payu is in full biker gear and Rain is sure that his boyfriend will win because he is the best race. Rain compliments Payu’s outfit and the couple flirt for a bit. The boys arrive and mock Payu for being a hopeless romantic which makes Rain angry.

Payu retorts to the boy stating that talking is all that he can do which infuriates the boy. After they leave, Rain is fuming with rage and Payu kisses his forehead, promising to win the race for his boyfriend. The race starts with Payu on the blue bike and the boy in red.

After a neck-to-neck race, Payu ends up winning. Rain rushes to kiss Payu and the biker is happy that he kept his promise. The boy is still cribbing about his loss while Payu takes Rain to the house where they start making out passionately.

The adrenaline-fueled make-out session turns into lovemaking. Rain and Payu lay in bed as the latter states that his biker gear did the trick making Rain kiss him on the race track. Payu jokes about roleplaying in different costumes which Rain does not mind so much.

Rain wonders if Payu would ever race and Payu mentions that he does not like racing as much as he likes remodeling bikes. He starts talking about his family and his passions like architecture and bikes when Rain struggles to stay awake.

Payu asks him to go to sleep but Rain mentions that he wants to listen to Payu. The biker thinks that is because he likes Payu and Rain mentions that what he feels is much more than he like. The next morning, Rain wakes up first to make breakfast for Payu.

They discuss that the boy they raced has been banned from all race events by Payu’s boss – Mr Pakin. Rain asks Payu to come home early joking about how they are behaving like lovers. Payu clarifies that they are actually behaving like a married couple with the husband going out to work and the wife waiting on him to come back home in the evening.

Later that evening, Rain brings takeout food for Payu when he notices a huge van outside. The delivery person lures Rain to the back of the van stating that there was a package for Payu. Rain gives in and the delivery men kidnap him.

A prologue to the episode shows Rain clearing out his room from a few days ago. Rain wonders where he found his lucky charm and recalls picking it up after a stranger left it for him. He states that his life is now full of storms (payu) – a symbol drawn on the geometric instrument. 

The Episode Review

If this is not one of the most intense Thai BL sex scenes I have seen, I don’t know what is. Despite there being no nudity, the chemistry between Boss and Noeul is palpable which makes Payu and Rain’s intense chemistry so charming.

The intensity in the drama is being rushed of course because I am sure the last four episodes will feature Sky and Prapai’s romance in more detail but I feel like a linear story with equal attention to both couples would have been better than focusing only on Rain and Payu in the first six/seven episodes.

The conflict is very uncalled for but the only takeaway from this episode was that Thai BLs are getting much more mature. From roleplay kinks to NSFW make-out scenes, the episode was extremely intense which makes me hopeful for more dramas with BossNoeul as the main couple.