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Love In The Air – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

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I Like Rain And I’m Not Talking about the Weather

Episode 3 of Love In The Air starts with Prapai greeting Phayu at his garage. Prapai wonders why he was so happy and thanks him for something that Phayu does not understand. Phayu wonders what is wrong with his friend as he thinks about Rain after Prapai has left. Rain is in class and he feels overwhelmed after looking at his monthly schedule for the next month.

Movie] Love Between Fairy and Devil
Movie] Love Between Fairy and Devil

He notices that he has back-to-back submissions and assignments. Sky wonders why Rain is feeling so overwhelmed and Rain tells his friend that he is on a mission to get a boy to like him in 30 days. Sky is first shocked that his friend is trying to win over the favour of a boy. He tells him that the first step is to constantly appear in front of the boy he is looking to appease.

Rain makes it his mission to greet Phayu more often in order to make him fall for Rain. He then sets out to meet Phayu at the garage but is sent back because the biker is not there. Rain is heartbroken as he goes back home. After not being able to meet Phayu for four days in a row, Rain loses all of his energy boost from Day 1 and sits dejected in his art room.

Sky finds Rain and tries to cheer him up by asking him to persevere through the hardships and find his own way. Just then, Rain gets a text from Phayu where the latter tells him that Rain has an easier way to see him. Rain is excited as he leaves to visit the garage. He seeks help from the mechanic at the garage who tells him that a phone call to Phayu might be the key to meeting him.

Rain calls Phayu but the biker does not respond. The student gives in and makes a heartfelt request to Phayu that makes him respond to Rain. He asks Rain to wait for him in the garage. Rain is happy that he finally succeeded in his first mission. He waits in the garage for a while before Phayu’s fraternal twin, Saifah checks up on Rain. Saifah tells Rain that he is not the first person to have waited for hours for Phayu to show up.

Rain tells him that he has no feelings for Phayu and is just here to see him. Phayu arrives and Saifah gets up, scolding him for making Rain wait for two hours. Rain is angry and he decides to leave when Phayu stops him in his tracks. Rain mentions that he does not want to disturb Phayu anymore and asks to be sent home.

Phayu notices that he is jealous and asks Rain to make him fall in love so hard that Phayu has eyes only for Rain. He then forces Rain to have a meal together and drags him to a restaurant. At the restaurant, Rain places an order but Phayu declines from placing an order just yet. Instead, Phayu places an order for Rain alone. During a conversation, he calls Rain stupid which pisses him off. Phayu starts staring at Rain and teasing him about how he was pursuing Phayu.

Rain is embarrassed and asks Phayu to speak softly because they were out in public. Phayu instigates Rain asking him to back out if he were not serious about pursuing him. Rain is angry at that comment and tells the waiter as well as the other restaurant guests that he was going to make Phayu fall in love with him. Phayu is happy to see that Rain has fallen right into his ploy. He calls Rain stupid again which further makes him irritable.

The two eat their meal as Phayu continues to tease Rain. They leave the restaurant after Rain is still angry because Phayu continues to call him stupid. Phayu tells Rain that he should start replacing the word ‘stupid’ with ‘cute’ going forward. Rain blushes at Phayu’s comment as he recalls all the times the biker has called him stupid.

The next day, Rain is lethargic in class but only lights up when Phayu texts him. Both Ple and Sky are worried about Rain’s lack of attention while in class and ask him to concentrate but Rain continues to text Phayu. Phayu also appears to be pushing his work aside when it comes to texts from Rain. After class, Rain rushes to leave but Sky stops him asking to do his homework.

Rain states he would do it later and leaves before Ple has a chance to talk to him. Sky wonders if Rain forgot that he had a crush on Ple. Rain is at the garage waiting for Phayu as he completes his homework. After Phayu arrives, Rain hands him the snacks he was here to deliver. He gets shy when Phayu stares at him.

The biker asks to take Rain out on a date so he leaves his homework aside to go out with Phayu. Rain stays up late that night to complete his homework. Noticing that there are still a few hours before he has to leave for college, he takes a nap where he dreams of Phayu. Rain’s mother wakes him up for school the next day and as it turns out, he is late.

Rain arrives late to college but the professor scolds him for submitting his work late. Despite Rain’s pleas, the professor declines from giving Rain an extension for the submission and sends him back. Ple and Sky try to console Rain but he is very upset. He reassures them stating that he was okay and only needs some time to sleep. However, Rain finds himself outside Phayu’s garage soaking in the rain.

Saifah allows Rain to sit inside stating that Phayu was still at work. Saifah calls Phayu who leaves work immediately to see Rain. In Phayu’s room, Rain is sad about what happened in class meanwhile, Phayu drives in the rain to get to Rain. Upon seeing Phayu, Rain breaks down immediately as the biker consoles the student for what happened.

Rain wonders why he feigned ignorance over the scolding with his friends but immediately broke down on seeing Phayu. After Rain has changed, Phayu goes through Rain’s homework and tells him that the professor was right for what he had done.

Phayu explains to Rain how it is important for him as a student to understand his priorities and maintain a balance between his academic and personal life. He mentions that when he was a student, Phayu also went through a similar situation which consoles Rain. A prologue in the episode shows Phayu talking to Saifah in the afternoon of the frat party. As it turns out, Phayu had already seen a photo of Rain before the party and recalled the night in the rain when he helped the student change his car tire. 

The Episode Review

The show is slowly getting better by the episode but Love In The Air still feels like a typical Thai BL drama in more ways than one. The trailer of the show made it seem like there was something very risky about Phayu’s life that would be putting Rain in danger and it seems like we are taking our own sweet time getting to that part. The show is fun so far and who would have guessed that one late homework would get Rain to finally realise his feelings for Phayu. Way to go conflict!

The show is still typically like many other of its contemporaries but I really like the character of Sky. I love that we have a non-toxic, level-headed friend for Rain and I really would love to see how he finds his way into Prapai’s heart eventually as the episodes progress. Phayu still seems to be gaslighting and manipulating Rain but since their chemistry is so intense, we can let that pass I guess?

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Expect A Full Season Write-Up When This Season Concludes!