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Love In The Air – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

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The Sky of the Wind

Episode 11 of Love In The Air starts with Prapai being at work where he reads through reports and talks to a client about a potential deal. His personal assistant jokes with him asking him to call the person he is hoping to hear from instead of staring at his phone. When she leaves, Prapai takes her advice and calls Sky who is still a little chirpy with him over the call.

He asks Sky if he wanted to eat anything but the student asks him to focus on work instead of troubling him. After they end the call, Sky texts him back asking for stewed eggs and Prapai jokes about how the student has the businessman on his toes. Prapai looks at his hand, recalling the symbol of wind Sky drew while at college, Sky does the same as he gazes at his own hand.

Rain spots him and jokes if he was turning into a fortune teller. Sky scolds Rain for meddling in his business as the duo make their way to class. Prapai visits Sky’s apartment complex where he hands some snacks to the nosey landlady before going to Sky’s house. He thanks her for taking care of Sky and she is glad how Prapai always greets her with gifts praising him.

She inquisitively asks about Prapai’s relationship with Sky and wonders if tweedy were dating yet. Prapai claims that they were dating and Sky wanted it to be a secret. He asks her to keep a copy of Sky’s apartment keys for him to use when Sky is away and she agrees to do so without consulting Sky first.

Despite promising to keep it a secret, P’Joy, the landlady makes a public message to all the apartment tenants about Sky’s relationship with Prapai. Prapai is happy that his plan worked out after all. Sky is sleepy when Prapai arrives and the former willingly invites the biker in. Prapai states that he drove two hours to buy the meal for Sky.

Seeing how Sky is so sleep-deprived, Prapai serves the meal himself and feeds it to Sky. Sky naps as Prapai does the dishes. Prapai takes Sky to bed and helps him change. He thanks Sky for staying up and waiting for him despite being so sleepy. When they are in bed, Sky claims that the drawing on his hand has started fading.

Unable to hold back, Prapai kisses Sky but it turns out he only imagined it the whole time. Sky falls asleep and Prapai leaves after tucking him in bed. The next night, Prapai is at home when he asks his baby brother to help make him a piece of jewellery based on a drawing. Just then, Sky calls Prapai to his apartment in haste.

Prapai is worried about Sky and makes it there but learns that Sky was only rushing him because he needed help with his assignment. The businessman is mad because he was very concerned about Sky. He is in a pissy mood which prompts Sky to kiss him as an apology. Sky requests the businessman to help him glue his projects and Prapai tries his best to concentrate.

Prapai ends up hurting himself but is still upset as Sky tries to take care of him. Prapai ends up falling asleep and Sky also joins him in bed after finishing his work. In bed, Sky apologises to a sleeping Prapai and draws closer to him before falling asleep. Prapai wakes up early the next morning and is in a better mood.

He drops Sky to college with his project and the student apologises to Prapai for having him concerned. Prapai claims that he was upset but Sky’s kiss made him feel better. Seeing that Prapai is back to normal, Sky is back to feigning dismissal of his feelings. However, Sky shocks Prapai by kissing him outside his University before Prapai goes off to work.

Rain joins Sky in class and claims that Payu helped him with his project claiming that he has the best boyfriend in the world. He also adds how Payu is very handsome, cool and all other things but Sky is lost in his own world. When Rain continues to sing Payu’s praises, Sky loses his calm and says that Payu is not the only handsome boyfriend out there.

Rain asks who Sky was talking about but the latter tunes him out. Sky is back at his apartment where he finds that Prapai has left him a takeout meal. Sky states that the biker had changed his mind about relationships. Prapai is at work when he finally feels happy that Sky texted him, even if it was mocking him for spending too much time chatting with him.

That night, Prapai is in his room, deleting the contact details of all his exes and hookups when his brother brings him the wind-shaped brooch, similar to the drawing Sky had made for him. Sky is in his room, thinking of how Prapai drew the symbol. He wishes to alienate himself from all the negative thoughts and feelings of his past and focus on his future with Prapai.

The following evening Prapai is back at Sky’s apartment to make himself feel useful. Sky wonders how much longer until Prapai gets bored of him and sets him to help with odd jobs like cleaning the toilet and dusting his apartment. Seeing how Prapai is not backing out, Sky gets concerned as he constantly asks him to stop and go away if it was too much to take.

Sky worries that Prapai will abandon him just like everyone else does. Prapai is realistic with Sky and tells him that if the day when he was to leave Sky ever came, he would make sure not to hurt him. He promises to be there for Sky for as long as possible. Sky gives in and pins him down by straddling Prapai. He tells the biker that he was giving in but Prapai is overwhelmed.

Prapai claims that he was not here for sex and as much as he would love to have sex with Sky, he wanted Sky to willingly want it too. Sky is touched by Prapai’s concern and ends up taking charge, kissing him as they eventually make love. Sky tells Prapai that he hopes the biker gets bored of him soon but in his heart hopes that  Prapai never gets bored of him.

The two wake up the next morning and spend time chatting about Sky’s likes and dislikes and his past life. Prapai asks Sky about his nipple piercings and Sky claims that his ex forced him to get them. Prapai backs down from insisting on Sky to putting them back on and they focus their attention on to cuddling. Sky jokes that Prapai was reeking, asking him to go take a shower.

As Prapai is in the shower, Sky holds onto Prapai’s shirt while he lays in bed. That evening, Prapai shows up to pick Sky up from college wearing the wind-shaped brooch. He states that he was a taken man now and the brooch was a sign of that.

Rain is still oblivious to what Prapai means and Sig calls him an old woman for being so naïve. Sky leaves to go home with Prapai and the episode ends. An epilogue shows how Prapai, a biker with an MBA degree was struggling to replicate the drawing Sky made on his palm.

The Episode Review

This episode was so wholesome and Prapai is so far the best BL boyfriend I have seen. If there is a walking green flag in Thai BLs, he is that and I love how he wants Sky to be sure about having sex with him despite wanting it so desperately himself.

One thing about him that was a little annoying in this episode was when he asked P’Joy to give him a spare key to Sky’s apartment without consulting him first.

That was wrong on Prapai’s part but considering how he has been so good, we can forgive his one mistake. I love how naïve and oblivious Rain is about Sky’s romantic life but I wish Sky had a friend for himself like he was to Rain. Sky is actually the “best boy” ever and I would not want him to suffer anymore.

It seems like the show is going to brush past his trauma without dwelling much on it and I wish the makers did not do so and gave him closure by having Prapai help him through his traumatic past and his manipulative ex. I sense that the next episode will be the season finale with a special 13th episode featuring both couples and this moment is bittersweet as we will soon have to bid farewell to #PayuRain and #SkyPai.