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Love In The Air Episode 11 Preview: Release Date, Time, & Where To Watch

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Love In The Air Episode 11

Thai Bl’s are now known for being extremely romantic and very sensual. Over the last few years, BL dramas produced in Thailand have been received favourably all over the world. The most recent BL drama to release is Love In The Air: The Series based on a popular novel. The show stars actors Boss (Payu aka Storm), Noeul (Rain), Fort (Prapai aka Strong Wind) and Peat (Sky).

The show revolves around the stories of Rain and Sky in their journey of finding true love despite their circumstances. For Rain, it all starts as a challenge to prove to his female crush that the boy, Payu, she likes is into men. Sky has suffered the consequences of being in a toxic relationship. As much as he tries to free run away from the prospects of a new sexual relationship, Prapai comes into his life showing him that all people are not the same.

Where Can I Watch Love In The Air?

Love In The Air will be available to watch in Thailand on GMM25. The show also premiers internationally on IQIYI. Post its official release, episodes from the show will be also available on MeMindY Official YouTube channel every Thursday.

Love In The Air Episode 11 Release Date

Episode 11 of Love In The Air will release on Thursday 27th October at 4 pm GMT.

Expect Season 1 to have 13 episodes with each episode being roughly 50 minutes long. Also, expect episodes to drop with subtitles too.

How Many Episodes Will Love In The Air Season 1 Have?

Love In The Air will have a total of 12 main episodes as well as one special episode that releases after all 12 have aired. The show releases like a regular drama with one episode dropping each week.

In Episode 10 we saw how Sky was slowly warming up to the romantic feelings Prapai was directing towards him. After learning that Prapai doesn’t want a sexual relationship with him, Sky starts opening up towards the biker and businessman. Sky starts sharing information about his personal life but Prapai still worries about the things Sky leaves unsaid. Prapai is holding himself back from getting physical with Sky until he is fully ready after watching him have nightmares.

The next episode promises chaos with Sky shutting Rain down claiming that Payu is not the only handsome man out there. He also ends up getting frustrated with Prapai’s complete denial of a physical relationship with him. The promo show Sky sit on Prapai’s lap taking his shirt off convincing the businessman to have sex with him.

Is There A Trailer For Love In The Air Season 1 Episode 11?

There is indeed! You can find a trailer for Love In The Air Episode 11 below: