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Jon Hamm Rejected DC Green Lantern Role, Wants to Join Marvel Instead

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Jon Hamm Rejected DC Green Lantern Role, Wants to Join Marvel Instead

Jon Hamm has always been enthusiastic about playing a superhero but hasn’t joined either Marvel or DC yet. Over time, he has come close to portraying characters from both comic houses. But, despite wanting to play an MCU character, Marvel hasn’t found the right part for him yet.

Jon Hamm turned down Hal Jordan role in Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds found success with Deadpool movies, but before that, he also starred in 2011’s box office dud, Green Lantern. It seems he could have dodged the bullet if Jon Hamm had agreed to play DC’s Green Lantern instead. But, the Mad Men star revealed that he “definitely” didn’t want to play Hal Jordan when he was offered the role.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he said:

“[Green Lantern] was one I definitely didn’t want to do.”

In the past, he also expressed interest in wanting to take over as Batman from Ben Affleck. But nothing came out of that either. However, his current interest lies in Marvel.

Jon Hamm has pitched multiple Marvel roles for himself

Speaking with THR, Hamm confirmed that he has wanted to be cast in Marvel movies at different points in his career. Furthermore, the actor even pitched multiple characters for himself. He said:

“But I’ve pitched myself for a couple parts of the Marvel universe, I don’t want to say what exactly, but it was a part of a comic book that I really liked. I was like, ‘Are you going to do this story?’ And they were like, ‘Yeah, we’re actually thinking of that.’ I go, ‘Good. I should be the guy.’ So maybe it’ll work out.”

Hamm reportedly came close to playing Mister Sinister in the X-Men movies before their rights reverted to Marvel via the Disney-Fox merger. Now with multiple high-profile characters, including Doctor Doom, Nova, and others, yet to be cast, fans will be interested to see if he gets to play any of those roles in the future.