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Family Guy – Season 21 Episode 5 “Unzipped Code” Recap & Review

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[Movie] Family Guy
[Movie] Family Guy

Unzipped Code

The guys in the Clam are being served beer by Jerome at the start of episode 5 for Family Guy Season 21, who has recently badly fractured his leg. Jerome informs that he is going to be in a wheelchair as long as he is not able to afford surgery. Joe tries to console Jerome by introducing him to the benefits of being handicapped.

The guys are having a video conference regarding raising funds for Jerome’s surgery. Cleveland’s network is wonky, so he goes on the roof with his laptop. Unfortunately, a bird snatches his laptop and flies away leaving Cleveland distraught. The guys decide they can raise funds by publishing a “sexy men in uniform” calendar.

The photoshoot begins. After Joe’s turn, it’s Cleveland who is getting some crazy-sexy pictures shot for the calendar. In the Clam, Jerome is seen all healthy and back on his feet thanks to the fundraiser. The calendar apparently has gone viral, and everybody is just talking about Cleveland’s photos. Suspicious something is wrong, he himself checks the calendar – only to find one of his testicles showing through his postman uniform shorts. At work the next day, Cleveland is given the sack over his obscene photos.

Depressed Cleveland tells the guys he can’t start looking for a new job until the bird returns his laptop. The bird, on the other hand, is having the time of its life making YouTube videos with the stolen laptop.

Peter offers Cleveland to join him at his brewery – to which he agrees. Cleveland impresses the boss with his incomparable skills in planning deliveries. He is subsequently offered an important position at the brewery. Once started, Cleveland doesn’t entertain Peter’s nonsense at work as he is quite serious about his work.

Peter keeps on blowing, while Cleveland continues the incredible work. As a consequence, Cleveland is promoted to the managerial position while Peter is demoted to the kitchen. The Browns are throwing a party to celebrate Cleveland’s promotion. Peter suggests since Cleveland makes more money than him they should try to steal items from his house. After Peter returns, his kids are angry with him because he couldn’t steal the ketchup.

Out of jealousy, Peter unsuccessfully attempts to entrap Cleveland. However, when Cleveland questions him about his intentions, he breaks down and apologizes. Cleveland hands in his resignation because working at the brewery is not something that would make him happy. Cleveland goes back to the post office where he promises his boss that he will always keep his testicles tied with a rubber band. As per his boss, his termination was reinstated a week back, and he is good to resume work.

The guys congratulate Cleveland for getting his job back.

The Episode Review

Family Guy impresses again. The latest episode features the qualities of some of the very superior episodes. Though the plot may not be the freshest, the manner in which it has been presented certainly is. A couple of bits are surely going to be remembered for a long time. The animation is impeccable, the voicing is detailed, and the story is quick. All in all, it’s everything we love. If you have an opportunity, don’t miss this one.