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Edward Norton ‘Was Not Very Present’ on The Incredible Hulk, Says Stuntman

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Edward Norton’s role in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk was met with mixed reviews. According to a stuntman who worked on the film, Norton was difficult to work with.

Speaking to Joanna Robinson for her newly released book MCU: The Reign of Marvel Studios, stuntman Terry Notary spoke about his time filming the 2008 movie.

According to Notary, Norton didn’t give much in terms of effort when it came to doing motion capture work for the Hulk. This, in turn, made work for the VFX team a bit harder.

“[Norton] wasn’t really engaged, as far as the Hulk stuff goes, unless he was transforming from himself into the Hulk,” Notary said. “He was not very present through the whole thing.”

Notary praised Tim Roth for his professionalism in the movie

Keith Roberts, who served as the animation director of The Incredible Hulk, agreed with Notary’s comments in confirming that “Hulk doesn’t have Edward Norton’s expressions, but the two are eerily similar in facial timing.”

Notary would go on to praise Tim Roth, who played Emil Blonsky/Abomination, in the film. According to Notary, Roth was a “quintessential actor,” and wanted to be involved in a lot of things. “[Roth is] one of those quintessential actors that likes to be involved, wants to make sure that he’s going to look good and his character’s going to look good,” Notary said.