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Because We’re Family Trailer Sets Release Date for Buffalo 8’s Christmas Movie

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Because We’re Family Trailer Sets Release Date for Buffalo 8’s Christmas Movie

It’s Christmas in July, as Buffalo 8 has acquired the North American rights to the holiday movie Because We’re Family.

When is Because We’re Family out?

The feature film debut of co-directors Angela Stern and Christine Nyhart, who also star in the movie alongside C. Thomas Howell, will be released digitally on July 12. As the Because We’re Family trailer shows, the film revolves around a trio of dysfunctional siblings that reunite after the death of their mother.

“Dysfunctional siblings Dallas (Josh Drennen), Kourtney (Christine Nyhart), and Belinda (Angela Stern) reunite to witness the cremation of their mother. Back under one roof for the holidays, all decency is lost when a feud over her ashes tests the boundaries of family, and a Christmas Eve tradition becomes difficult to digest,” says the synopsis.

Check out the exclusive Because We’re Family trailer below

“Each sibling brings their own quirks and baggage to the table – ‘always grumpy’ Dallas is still holding onto resentment from growing up in a house full of women without a father; control freak Kourtney is consumed by her own obligations and expectations, especially when it comes to her special needs child; and Belinda is the free-spirited nomadic sibling, often ruffling the feathers of her (seemingly) put-together brother and sister. Add Kourtney’s jovial husband, Peter (C. Thomas Howell), and one peculiar undertaker (Tyler Meridith) with a crush on Belinda to the mix, set to the backdrop of the holidays, and nothing less than chaos ensues.”

Because We’re Family was written by Stern who also directed the feature with Nyhart. Nyhart, Stern, and Tyler Meridith produced for Bubble Thought Productions; Alyssa Roehrenbeck produced for Mini Elk Media. Eric Macey served as the cinematographer. Buffalo 8’s Matthew Helderman and Luke Taylor are the executive producers, and Nikki Stiers Justice negotiated on the distributor’s behalf.