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Arcane Season 2 Poster Teases Future Conflict Between Jinx and Vi

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Arcane Season 2 Poster Teases Future Conflict Between Jinx and Vi

Netflix has unveiled the poster for the highly anticipated second season of Arcane, highlighting Jinx and Vi’s sisterly bond and the imminent conflict that will soon strain their relationship. The streamer will release Arcane Season 2 sometime in November 2024.

Arcane, set in the world of League of Legends, focuses on the origins of sisters Jinx and Vi and how they ultimately become enemies. Through X (formerly Twitter), the streaming service shared the new poster for Arcane Season 2, showing Jinx as she embraces her distressed sister. The streamer accompanied the poster with a caption that reads, “Nothing ever stays dead,” which could imply that while a conflict may tear the iconic sisters apart, their connection will remain alive regardless.

The Season 1 finale saw Jinx embrace her new identity as she realizes so much has changed since she was separated from her sister as a kid. As a result, despite Vi’s attempt to remind her sister who she truly is, Jinx launched an attack on Piltover that accidentally killed Silco.

You can check out the poster down below:

Who’s behind Arcane?

Based on Riot’s The League of Legends game, Arcane is created by Christian Linke and Alex Yee, with Riot Games — in partnership with Fortiche Productions — serving as the series’ producer.

The ensemble voice cast for the animated series includes Hailee Steinfeld as Violet/Vi, Ella Purnell as Powder/Jinx, Jason Spisak as Silco, Kevin Alejandro as Jayce Talis, Toks Olagundoye as Mel Medarda, Katie Leung as Caitlyn Kiramman, JB Blanc as Vander, Harry Lloyd as Viktor, and Mick Wingert as Cecil B. Heimerdinger.

“Set in the utopian region of Piltover and the oppressed underground of Zaun, the story follows the origins of two iconic League champions and the power that will tear them apart,” the synopsis reads.

Arcane Season 1 is available to stream on Netflix.