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10 TV Shows/Anime Like Classroom of the Elite

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Classroom of the Elite explores how survival in the outside world goes beyond academics. The anime features typical high school students participating in heated mind games and psychological activities that will help them grow into capable intellectual adults.

Our tale takes place at Koudo Ikusei Senior High School that’s treated as a utopia. This high school is the highest-ranked educational institute in Japan and grants its students an incomparable amount of freedom. However, this is further from the truth. Only the highest-ranked class receives the best treatment. Enter our series’ protagonist, Kiyotaka Ayanokouji who is a part of his school’s lowest-ranked class.

In Class D, he meets strange individuals from the silent Suzune to the friendly Kikyou. Each harbors different goals. Indeed, class membership lasts forever, but class rankings can be revised if a student in a lower-ranked class scores better than that in a top-ranked student body. Kiyotaka and his friends must overcome the odds in a no holds barred environment if they hope to ascend in the ranks.

If you’re having trouble finding anime similar to Classroom of the Elite, fear not! We’ve discovered 10 alternate shows that’ll give you a similar experience as Classroom of the Elite.

Additionally, for each anime we’ve reviewed, we’ve included a link that allows you to view our full thoughts about the series to see if it’s worth your time.

So without further ado, we present 10 TV shows that should whet your appetite when you’ve finished streaming Classroom of the Elite!

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

Similarities – Characters & Setting

While Classroom of the Elite focuses more on its characters moving up in the ranks, some of its characters share strong relationships with the cast in My Teen Romance Comedy SNAFU (Snafu). For instance, Snafu’s male protagonist, Hachiman has similar attributes and goals as Kiyotaka.

He shares the same disinterested take on life and lacks notable social skills and high intelligence. However, Hachiman has a variety of skills he utilizes to get by and often hands the credit over to others after solving common-world problems. At the same time, Snafu has a female protagonist that attains the same amount of beauty and intelligence as Suzune but chooses to distance herself from others.

As fans continue watching, they’ll notice these characters undergo strong degrees of internal development. You’ll see Snafu’s cast intermingle with people who’ll end up changing them for the better. The school-like concerns and real-world issues they come across are on par with the obstacles Kiyotaka and his friends deal with in Classroom of the Elite.

From its soothing music to its similar character archetypes and setting, Snafu’s a perfect anime to watch after Classroom of the Elite.

Assassination Classroom

Similarities – Hierarchical School System

Assassination Classroom and Classroom of the Elite feel like different sides of the same coin. Assassination Classroom features a similar hierarchical school system and places its student protagonists’ in the lowest-ranked class. The protagonists in both series have similar personalities but different overarching goals.

In Assassination Classroom, our delinquent-like students are tasked with assassinating their alien-like teacher Koro-sensei before he destroys earth in March of the following year. Not only will they be recognized as heroes for doing so, but they will earn a chance to escape their fate inside the school’s lowest-ranked class.

Like Classroom of the Elite, our cast in Assassination Classroom utilizes clever tactics and conjures up phenomenal strategies to utilize against their teacher. While many of them end in failure, fans will be delighted to see that they’re not as brainless as the higher-ups claim them to be.

Furthermore, fans will enjoy the emotional interactions and bonds they form with Koro-sensei. Although he’s their target, Koro-sensei aids the kids in their studies as he wants them to become well-trained assassins and wonderful academic scholars. This is a surprisingly emotional anime that will make you cry and amped up a few times.


Similarities – Mind Games & Strategy Galore

Kakegurui is an enjoyable school-themed anime with an unusual school system built around gambling. The characters in this series display over-the-top reactions which range from utterly psychotic to downright hilarious.

Money serves a vital role in both anime, as it helps characters attain high popularity and status amongst their peers. That being said, Kakegurui isn’t perfect. The anime falls victim to feeling a tad predictable regarding the outcomes of its gambling matches and games. The games themselves are different enough to break up the show’s repetitiveness.

Unfortunately, Kakegurui never expands upon the dangers of gambling and other harsh realities in meaningful ways. On the flip side, the show contains stunning animation that will take your breath away. The visuals are on par with what you can expect from shows like Classroom of the Elite. If you can overlook its multiple flaws and appreciate it for its highs, then you’re in for an entertaining time with this show.

Tomodachi Game

Similarities – Characters

Tomodachi Game is another anime featuring high school students formulating plans to overcome challenging circumstances. The male protagonists in both anime give off this average Joe-like persona. The other characters in this series serve to make our protagonist look like the smartest gentleman on the planet.

Like Classroom of the Elite, you can expect characters to square off in various mind games and develop strategies in hopes of achieving rewards and riches. Both series deliver an excellent balance of mystery and thrills, as you’ll be left clamoring to see what happens next.

Tomodachi Game follows Yuuichi Katagiri, who likes spending time with his close friends Yutori, Shiho, Makoto, and Tenji. Unfortunately, they run into a dilemma regarding their school trip funds getting stolen, resulting in Shiho and Makoto distancing themselves from the class. Yuuichi and some of his friends end up getting knocked out by unknown criminals.

A controversial figure named Manabu-kun awakens the group and reveals one of the five has gathered them together to clear a personal debt of twenty million yen. They must participate in psychological games that will test their friendship and humanity to pay off the amount.


Similarities – Characters & Mystery

Hyouka is an incredible anime full of mystery and likable characters. Our tale follows Houtarou Oreki, who wants to live a mundane life. Unfortunately, his dream comes crashing down when his older sister, Tomoe, asks him to help her save her school’s Classics Club from closing. Despite meeting familiar faces and fulfilling Tomoe’s request, Oreki ends up joining his sister’s club of his own volition.

Thus, Hyouka follows the Classics Club’s four members as they solve trivial but fun mysteries in their daily lives. While both anime contain slight puzzles for fans to partake in, Classroom of the Elite gives off a mix of puzzles and gaming, unlike Hyouka. However, Oreki and Kiyotaka are smart characters that lack social skills.

As the story resumes, fans can expect these boys to outgrow their shells and develop more socially and internally. The same goes for Hyouka’s other cast members, as they too, will experience some ounce of development. The mystery aspect feels stronger in Hyouka, as the mysteries our cast indulges in feel more creative and explorative.

Nonetheless, if you enjoy school-themed anime with a hint of mystery, problem-solving, and intriguing characters, Hyouka’s worth checking out.

Code Geass

Similarities – Characters & Themes

Code Geass has beautiful visuals and jaw-dropping animation. Fans shouldn’t underestimate our cast for their pencil-thinned appearance. From its protagonist Lelouch to his sworn enemy Charles zi Britannia, many of its cast play a vital part in making Code Geass a fun and memorable thrill ride.

Classroom of the Elite and Code Geass feature characters utilizing clever strategies and manipulation tactics to achieve their goals. While Lelouch has the advantage over his foes with his supernatural Geass powers, he’s shown to rely more on his wit to outperform his opponents.

That said, Lelouch’s issues in Code Geass scale higher than the dilemmas our students tackle in Classroom of the Elite. Charles is a formidable ruler of an entire nation and poses a threat to Lelouch and the Japanese resistance. If you’re a fan of characters who utilize their brain power to overcome treacherous scenarios, check out Code Geass.

No Game No Life

Similarities – Story

Another story with intelligent protagonists and mind games is No Game No Life. Our protagonists Sora and Shiro are gaming enthusiasts who find themselves sent into a virtual world called Disboard after accepting an invite from its God, Tet.

These two nerdy individuals meet many colorful characters on their path to world domination. That is one similarity that binds Classroom of the Elite and No Game No Life together. They feature protagonists who compete against energetic and colorful foes aiming to put them down.

Although Sora and Shiro aren’t as formidable when they’re alone, as a team, they provide a challenge for this show’s protagonists. They compete against these foes in numerous activities from chess to typical card games. Each bout feels more intense than the last.

With its hilarious facial reactions, intense mind games, and colorful world and art style, No Game No Life promise a fun time.

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Similarities – Setting & Romance

Shifting gears a bit, we find ourselves at Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai (Bunny Girl Senpai). This series spans 13 episodes and a sequel film. It leans into its romance moreso than Classroom of the Elite, but both anime include some fun drama between their cast.

Bunny Girl Senpai revolves around the fateful encounter between two high school students named Sakuta and Mai. Mai has been affected by their school’s puberty syndrome, leading Sakuta to provide her with support. As he continues to help Mai with her dilemma, Sakuta gets involved in numerous misunderstandings with other women.

This is an endless cycle Sakuta can’t escape, and will leave a lasting mark on his life. Classroom of the Elite and Bunny Girl Senpai offers wonderful depictions of high school life. While everything feels more intense and competitive in the former, both anime delve into the realm of romance. The romance in this series blossoms into something unforgettable and charming.

If you’re searching for a show with fewer thought-provoking elements and more emphasis on relationships and high-school issues, check out Bunny Girl Senpai

Food Wars!

Similarities – Competitive School-Setting & Characters

Don’t let this show’s fan service and cooking theme steer you away. Food Wars’s cast is just as brilliant and intelligent as the characters you’d find in Classroom of the Elite. Everyone displays an excellent understanding of fine dining and cooking in this show.

Their specialties and personalities may differ but their passion for the craft is on equal footing. The cooking competitions in this show feel authentic but slightly over the top at times. Everyone’s reactions to delicious meals will make fans laugh hysterically.

From the characters’ twisted facial reactions to how they digest their meals, this show pulls out so many crazy ideas in hopes of generating a reaction out of its viewers. That said, this anime features some romance between our characters, but doesn’t spend a lot of time on it.

Death Note

Similarities – Thought-Provoking Anime

Death Note is one of the kings of thought-provoking anime. This series boasts intelligent characters, intense situations, and mind-numbing twists and turns. Death Note leans into its supernatural aspects to tell a thrilling plot though. However, that shouldn’t steer fans away from this unforgettable classic.

Its characters Light and L have one of the best rivalries in all of anime. These two engage in thought-provoking interrogations that will leave you anticipating what’ll happen next. While L doesn’t have supernatural advantages like Light, he provides him with a worthy challenge and forces Light’s hand on multiple occasions.

Death Note’s narrative is darker than Classroom of the Elite. Instead of wanting to climb his school’s ranks, Light aims to become his world’s number one hero by murdering every criminal in his world. It’s his cruelty and merciless intent that makes Death Note such a praised work in the anime sphere.