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“You don’t need to feed people to get married”- Nigerian clergyman says having wedding reception is unnecessary (video)

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A Nigerian clergyman, Abel Damina, has said that having wedding receptions is unnecessary.


While preaching in his church recently, the clergyman stated that couples do not need to feed people just because they want to get married.


Pointing out that wedding ceremonies are unbiblical, the clergyman said;

”Wedding is just a celebration after marriage. The real marriage has happened before wedding because the real marriage is parents giving their children to one another. That is marriage. It is cultural. So all that wedding is unnecessary. It is not in the bible. No wedding in the bible. White wedding is a white man’s culture. It is not a bible thing. In the bible, marriage is parents handing over the children when the requirements of the families are met. Once that happens, marriage has happened and as a responsible Christian, you call your pastor to speak a blessing. You don’t need to feed people. You don’t need to wear gown”


Watch him preach below…