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“Why I wore school uniform to welcome new students” – Viral Principal

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Principal of St. Michael’s Catholic High School, Akure, Ondo State, Adeniyi Oluyide, who gained popularity for appearing as a student to greet recently admitted wards, has disclosed the purpose of his attire.
He explained in an interview that it has been a tradition of the school, but it just so happened that this year’s was the fortunate one to be recorded on video and posted online.

Oluyide stated that pupils were inspired to dress well and behave appropriately by wearing their school uniforms.
The principal said;
“It has been a tradition of the school and we have been following that tradition for the past three years. The one for this year is the one in that video trending on the Internet. Immediately after we conclude the admission process, we usually have an orientation, which is a one-week programme for newly admitted JSS1 pupils.
They come from different homes, and they are graduating to another level of education, so we organised a programme for them. We wanted to make them know the rules and regulations of the school, and how to behave, and for the grand finale, the principal identifies with the pupils to tell them that there was a time when their principal was once like them, and because their principal worked very hard, he became what he is today.
On that day, seeing me in the school uniform was an inspiration to them, that they must dress properly. During that programme, the pupils were full of joy. Each one of them wanted to touch me, and I didn’t chase them away because that was my joy. We later prayed for them. Since we started doing that, the pupils have been performing excellently in their academic work. In the school, we don’t condone any examination malpractice.”