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“Why are you building such big muscles are you planning to become a superhero overnight” – African Father quizzes his son over his devotion to the gym

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A young man has shared on social media the lengthy message he got from his African father who is concerned about his frequent visit to the gym.
His father had asked him via text message if he was exercising frequently to become a superhero overnight.

The young man had leaked his conversation with his father while hopping on the trending TikTok challenge which urged people to ‘describe their African parents’.
In the text, his father was also curious to know the white powder (protein shake) he consumes before going to the gym.
His text read;
“I wanted to discuss something with you for the past 6 days. Why are you going to the gym so late at night, and why are you building such big muscles? How did we get here, you of all children? You are straining your body for no reason. Are you planning to become a superhero overnight? And what is this white powder you take before the gym? Are you mixing cement? Now, you are eating more eggs than a chicken farm! You look too bulky and exhausted, like you are preparing for a bodybuilding competition we didn’t sign you up for. This will have consequences for you in the future. I hope you are not damaging your health with this gym obsession. You’ll end up with muscles bigger than your future. I strongly advise you to stop this nighttime gym madness before it becomes a serious concern for you.”