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“Who be lovebirds, you dey call your parents bird” – Nigerian man shares the reaction of his parents after he addressed them as ‘love birds’ (VIDEO)

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A Nigerian man has shared via his TikTok page @bossfilmzy11 the reaction of his parent after he addressed them as lovebirds.

The couple sent multiple voice messages to him, asking him why he would refer to them as ‘birds’ and if he was crazy.
The young man had called them love birds after he came across the loved-up images and videos they had spammed him on WhatsApp.

However, his compliment wasn’t well received by his parents who thought he was indirectly insulting them by calling them birds.
His Dad could be heard saying; “Are you crazy? Who are you referring to as lovebirds? Are you calling your parents birds? You don’t have respect, I wanted to send you some money for food before but it’s cancelled now because you called us birds[sic]” and his mother asking if he called her a bird because she consumed rice a lot.

While they continued to query him, he tried to explain himself by sending them what the term ‘lovebirds’ means.
Below are some of the comments;
@teensgram_africa:  I’m sure Na Mama make Daddy take am personal “Na so so rice I dey chop?”
@bro_shegzy:  Now you don missed rice and chicken, na the female bird even shout cancel
@_iamsheila_:  Why do Nigerian parents have to shout before they can pass their message? All of them, same WhatsApp group
@tksparkle:  No be only love birds Na angry birds. Small play, everywhere don scatter. Most Nigerian parents no get sense of humour 
Watch the video,