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Viral Video Captures A Yahoo Boy’s Emotional Reaction To His Facebook Account Suspension (WATCH)

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A recent video that has captivated netizens shows a young Nigerian man, believed to be a ‘Yahoo boy’ (a term used to describe individuals involved in internet fraud), breaking down in tears after his Facebook account was banned.
The video, which has been widely shared, shows the man sitting on the floor, crying and holding his phone, which displays the notification of his blocked account.

His dramatic reaction, complete with rolling on the ground and wailing has sparked a wave of humorous responses from netizens.
The caption accompanying the post reads: “Mark Zuckerberg, why?”

A question directed at the Facebook founder, showing the man’s apparent sadness over the platform’s decision to suspend his account.
In no time viewers flooded the comment section with differing opinions, many filled with hilarious reactions and sarcastic responses
As the reactions continued to pour in, the video as undeniably garnered the attention of netizens, leading to mixed reactions amongst viewers.
Here are some comments from viewers:
@JamalSaeed reacts: Thoughts and prayers for this poor soul. He’s clearly going through a hard time after losing his main source of income.”
@LuckyLady123 reacts:  don’t worry stay there no go work, better hustle, your mates get 2 heads
@EthicalHacker_ reacts: guess crime really doesn’t pay, huh? Looks like he’s learning that the hard way.
@MoneyMakingMoves reacts: Facebook really needs to step up their game, and act right.
Watch the video below: