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Tongues Wag As Viral Video Shows Man Casually Carrying Unusual Pet In Public (WATCH)

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A video has surfaced online showing a man strolling through a public area while carrying what appears to be an unusual pet, reportedly a Komodo dragon.
The video, shared on TikTok by user @divaoyin, has sparked widespread curiosity and debate among online viewers about the identity of the creature the man is handling with such familiarity.

The video shows the unidentified man confidently carrying a large, lizard-like animal, leading some to speculate that it may be a Komodo dragon or a Nile Monitor lizard.
The man’s relaxed demeanor and easing interaction with the creature have only further stunned those who have viewed the viral clip.
Onlookers at the scene were visibly taken aback by the unusual public display, unable to tear their gaze away as the man casually walked alongside his reptilian pet.
The video has undeniably generated a lot of comments and reactions, with many viewers expressing a mix of fascination, confusion, and even concern about the safety of keeping such an exotic animal as a pet.
Here are some reactions from netizens:
@slove34: “e no dey bite? see as fear dey catch me here.”
@Cruz Edit : “e dey bite, the tongue can do wonders.”
@jenom101_on_ig: “do y know what comodo dragon is we dont even have dem in Nigeria they r found in komodo island dats a lizard komodo r bigger and r venomous.”
@Deboola: “That’s a monitor lizard.”
@Cruz Edit: “What kind of lizard gets this big?”
@mrs baker: “person wey get mind.”
watch the video below: