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“This marriage thing is tough for me” – Lady cr!es out after her husband constantly rejects her food with claims that she doesn’t know how to cook

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A married woman has cried out anonymously online over her husband’s attitude of constantly rejecting her food.

She revealed in her write-up that whenever she cooks her husband would claim that she doesn’t know how to cook.

Adding that whenever she cooked for his workers they would happily eat the whole meal and lick their fingers but her husband rejected the meal.

The woman who disclosed that her marriage to her husband is becoming tough on her, attached an image of one of the meals her husband rejected.

She wrote; “Please mum come to my aid. My husband  doesn’t find anything I do good The fried rice I cooked three days ago is the topic of discussion in my home he keeps on saying I can not cook I cook in family house cook for the whole compound when I was leaving with my grandmother I make the rice served him even when his workers ate licking their hands my husband rejected the food asking me to look for where to learn how to cook sincerely speaking is this rice is apitizing is there what is missing I did not snap the meat is Turkey I used I garnished it and is delicious but he never appreciate me Hmmm this thing called marriage is tough for me”