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“There’s time for everything” – Call-Girl tells evangelist trying to minister to her

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A viral video has captured the moment a sex worker cautioned an evangelist trying to preach the gospel to her.
A lady standing at her prostitution point was approached by an Evangelist who claimed she was from Nassarawa but was led by the spirit to preach the gospel to the young lady.

While the minister was giving her reasons to give her life to Christ and repent, the lady could be heard arguing and saying there was time for everything, and this was clearly not the time because she was at work.
Watch the video below;
In other news, A Ugandan student, identified as Martha, has complained bitterly after termites destroyed her belongings in her room in school.
Martha, who is broken-hearted by the incident, took to Twitter to share photos of the horror sight she met when she returned to school after a three-month break.
According to her, she had been at home for three months because schools were temporarily shut down in Uganda to curb the spread of Ebola.
Unfortunately, termites infested her room and damaged most of her documents and properties, leaving a dirty pile.
Sharing the photos, the lady who disclosed that she recently had an accident, said she is tired of being strong.
“Some situations are so triggering, you start piling up every single thing then cry, cry, cry,” she tweeted.
See the disturbing here.