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‘The Terminal’ director, Sacha Gervasi accused of being a ‘monster’ and ‘predator’ in sexual assault lawsuit

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Emmy-winning director and screenwriter, Sacha Gervasi has been accused of being a ‘monster’ and ‘predator’ in a sexual assault lawsuit brought by an interior designer who worked on the LA home he shares with his heiress wife, Jessica Rothschild. 


Diana Lands Nathanson, a friend of Gervasi’s heiress wife, Jessica de Rothschild accuses The Terminal director in the lawsuit of multiple instances of harassment and groping, beginning when she was first hired in 2014.


She is now seeking a jury trial, where she hopes to win an unspecified amount in punitive damages, claiming she was left with emotional distress. 


Lands contends in her lawsuit, filed in the Superior Court of Los Angeles on September 26, that ‘Sacha Gervasi is a sexual predator.

‘In public, Gervasi is the Academy-Award nominated director of Hitchcock, as well as the screenwriter and/or filmmaker behind Steven Spielberg’s hit film The Terminal, Henry’s Crime starring Keanu Reeves and the remake of How to Marry a Millionaire starring Nicole Kidman.


‘In private, Gervasi is a monster,’ the lawsuit states.


‘Despite being a widely admired figure in the public eye — or maybe because of the unchecked power that comes with such fame — Gervasi regularly engages in sexually harassing conduct.’


She writes in court documents exclusively obtained by DailyMail.com that she finally launched legal action because her work for Gervasi and de Rothschild was complete and accused him of a raft of offenses – among them sexual battery, assault, false imprisonment, gender violence, and creating a hostile work environment.


The suit claims the two were meeting to discuss her payment for her work on the Hollywood Hills home in January 2022, when the assault happened.


‘From the chair where Gervasi was sitting, he pulled Lands down onto his lap, kissed her neck and tried to feed her the various candies’ he still had on his desk from the holiday season.


‘She fought to get up off his lap, but Gervasi pulled her down onto the table and laid on top of her.


‘His hands were on her wrists above her head. He tried to force his tongue into her mouth as he was thrusting into her,’ the lawsuit states.


Lands said she managed to break free and tried to escape, but alleges he ‘closed the door so she could not get out.’


The suit continues: ‘Once again, Gervasi pushed his body against Lands, and tried to kiss her on the neck and mouth.


‘Lands kept telling him he had to stop and she needed to get out of the room and leave. She finally got the door open and was able to get out of the room. He chased Lands to her car and tried again telling her that she wanted it.’


She now says that during the time she worked on Gervasi’s Hollywood Hills home ‘she suffered constant distress and anxiety, she was unable to sleep normally, and the situation was affecting her health.’


She also claims: ‘Gervasi performed the foregoing wrongful acts, conduct and omissions intentionally, fraudulently, maliciously and oppressively in willful and conscious disregard of Plaintiff’s rights and with the intent and design to damage Plaintiff.’


It further states that Gervasi ‘intentionally deprived Plaintiff of freedom of movement by closing the door and physically blocking her from leaving the office of his Hollywood Hills home in January 2022 and by trying to trap her at her car in the motor court in the front yard of his Hollywood Hills home.’