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“The stress is not worth it” – Nigerian lady vows never to date a man who earns less money than her

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A Nigerian lady, identified as Cynthia Adanne Agwu, has vowed never to date a man who makes less money than her.
Taking to Facebook to share her resolve, the farmer and entrepreneur said the stress of dating a man who doesn’t match or surpass her financial status is not worth it.
She said it was previously not a big deal for her to date a man she is richer than, but she has since changed her mind.
“One resolution I made this year – is never to have anything to do with a man whom I am financially better than. The stress is not always worth it. Before now I don?t mind but my choice have changed,” she said in a Facebook post on Monday, February 13, 2023.
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In other news, a Kenyan man, identified as Muigai Wa Njoroge, has celebrated Valentine’s Day with his two wives.
Muigai, who’s a popular musician in Kenya, attended a Valentine’s Day event with his wife and shared photos from the outing on his Facebook page.
The photos showed him kissing his wife one after the other.
In one of the photos, he’s seen kissing one of his wives while the other looked on with admiration.
Sharing the photos online, he wrote, “Good morning my freds.. Today being a valentine’s day I would like to celebrate my girls.”