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“The first month she did this, I cried like a baby” – Man narrates how his girlfriend helped him after he lost his job

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A Nigerian man, identified as Chisom, has recounted how his girlfriend supported him financially when he lost his job.
According to Chisom, the company he worked for at the time folded up, so he was out of a job for months.

However, throughout that period, Chisom’s girlfriend, who is now his wife, sent him a monthly allowance to help him with his expenses until he got another job.
He further revealed that when he received the first payment from her, he was overwhelmed with emotion and broke down in tears.
“Before we got married, there was a time when I was out of a job. The company had closed down and my boss then didn’t pay me salary for that month.
My wife (gf then) was sending me money for upkeep monthly till I got a good job. The first month she did this, I cried like a baby.” He narrated.
See his post below,

In other news, a Nigerian man is currently being roasted on social media for saying he would choose to save his baby over his wife if she suffers a complication during labor.
According to the man identified as @chimaszn on Twitter, he would choose his baby because he cannot allow his blood to die like that when he has the option to save him/her.
He stated this response to the trending discourse about who should be saved during a labor complication. A Twitter user had stated that any man who picks his baby over his wife evidently hates her.
“Any man that picks a child he doesn’t even know like that over you , hates you”, the first man tweeted.
Reacting, @chimaszn wrote,
“I’d tell them to save both and if they can’t, then I have no choice than to go for the baby. can’t leave my blood to go that way.”