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Story Of 28-Year-Old Bride And 29-Year-Old Groom Who Tied The Knot As Virgins In Lagos

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Even though it sounds a little unbelievable, it did happen in Lagos State recently at the wedding ceremony of Pastor Oghale Ighele, 29, and Dr Clementina Agbate, 28, which took place at Marcillina’s Place, GRA Ikeja. 

There were doubts and reactions from guests when the officiating Minister and Presiding Bishop of Holy Spirit  Mission, Charles Ighele revealed that both the bride and groom were virgins at their ages till they got married.

But shortly, many were convinced, after hearing directly from the couple. The development was seen as a rare feat, especially at the present day computer age where many are seen to disvirgin between the ages of 15 and 20.

Speaking with Sunday Sun, the bride,  who was said to have joined the Holy Spirit Mission (Happy Family Centre), at the age of two, did not mince words on saying that she was a virgin and that it was a vow she made while growing up.

The groom also expressed hapiness and fulfilment for getting married according to God’s directives. “God is my srength, and one thing that made it possible is the christian upbringing I had and I thank God and my parents for that.”

He disclosed that there were temptations from many areas, but said that counselling helped him to win the battle and brought him so far. “While I was growing up, my parents kept hammering on the need for me to keep myself and never mess up and I heeded their advice. I tried to make friends who would not deceive me into having sex before marriage. I was also fully involved in church activities and I thank God for guiding me.”

The bride, fulfilling the vow was one of the best things that would happen to her. “I am happy and fulfilled marrying as a virgin, though it was not an easy thing to do. I took the decision of remaining a virgin till I get married when I was a teenager. Meanwhile, I grew up in a Christian home. So, I had to keep myself.”

She said marrying as a virgin at 28 was challenging, as temptations and trials became enormous through out the period. “It was not easy for me. I was severally tempted by my lecturers while in the university. Friends also tried to lure me into fornication and men asked me out. In fact, I went through so many challenges. But what guided me was God and my principle.”

Agbate advised those that are yet to marry to have faith in God because, at the end, there will surely be successful and happily married.

Also, commenting on the couple, one of the officiating ministers who joined the couple together , Bishop Charles Ighele  commended them for keeping themselves till they got married, despite temptations.

The bishop noted that what the new couple did is exemplary and not common in the present day computer age. 

He explained that it only takes strong faith in God, commitment and self discipline for one to remain a virgin for up to 28 and 29 years of age.

Bishop Ighele who is the father of the groom said the youngman was not the only one among the his children that married as a  virgin. 

“That is who my children  are . The one that wedded last year in United States of America at 25 was a virgin. I make them my friends. As I speak, there is a girl we adopted as our child, she never had sex before. She is now in her final year in the university. When she was in secondary school, she met my wife and said, mummy, I have feelings towards one boy. You know that it is not easy for a child to meet her mother and say such thing. The reason is that we created an atmosphere of friendship with our children, that is why they were able to tell us what they are passing through. The warning I used to give to my daughters was that, if they mess up sexually, I would not like them to mess up sexually. But, in case  they misbehave and get pregnant, I will take care of that child.  In fact, they saw the love more than the stick. So, with that, when they are tempted, they say no because they do not disappoint me.”

The General Overseer admonished parents to redefine their values and pass them to their children.  “Parents should be able to know the values they want to pass to their children and the last generation. I pray  at least once a day for my children and the  last generation. I have redefined my values, so, I try to pass on positive values to them. What do I stand for? What do I want to gain? What do I pass on? At the end, we will not see the buildings we put up . What is it? So, I advise parents to think about the future and have fear of God in all they do, so that the future generations will be better.”

As one who is from a polygamous home, Ighele explained that though he did not see love between his parents, he made up his mind that his marriage should be different by loving his wife as the Bible said couples should do. As a Christian,  I try to keep faith with the Bible, that is what made many of my church members to have respect for me. They know that I will not bend the rules, even if my child is involved.”

He also charged the new couple to become friends first, love and cherish each other and always stay together in unity. “The newly wedded couple should among other things, be friends first. There is need for love between them. I and my wife usually go on holiday to enjoy ourselves. I am 66, while my wife is 64 and we are still romantic. We hug, kiss and say to each other, I love you. That puts fire into love, otherwise, it will go down.” 

Ighele also warned the couple to avoid functional marital relationship where the man will always give order in the home.” In many homes today, you hear “is my food ready?” “I want to take my bath, is the water ready?” Daddy pay school fees, electric bills, house rent and so on. The man plays the traditional functions, the same with the woman. In that situation, the couple have not much to do with each other, except when they to go to bed, and the next thing is pull, you said what? I said pull, which is a command”

National Vice President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Archbishop John Osa-Oni in his own admonition told the couple to make their home a pacesetter where people will go to  learn.

He also charged them to speak, talk, be in one bedroom and not two. “They should not copy what our parents did in those day where the had separate rooms and beds. They should also share one tooth paste and cut their clothes according their size. The new couple should be content and not kill themselves for someone.”

Osa-Oni who is also the General Overseer of Vinyard Christian Ministries told the couple to always pray together, “as a family that prays together, stays together. Also, they should endure and tolerate. By so doing, they will have a joyful marriage.”

In the same development, the Presiding Bishop of City Gate International Church, Robertson Akwazi extolled the virtues of the virgin couple for making the church and their families proud.

He said such is what is expected from every believer of the gospel and called on the couple to continue holding their faith, so that their marital relationship will flourish.

Akwazi prayed God to visit the couple with the blessings of marriage, so that they would remain peaceful and happy.


Source: Sun News