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RRS saves grand mother and her children after they were attacked by a mob who thought they were kidnappers (photos)

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Men of the Rapid Response Squad patrol teams, as well as the Ebute – Ero Police Division, this evening August 3, saved a grandmother and her children from being killed as they were beaten black and blue after they were suspected of being kidnappers.

The mob had seen the grandmother and her children with 12 children ranging from 7 months to 12 years old and thought they were kidnappers. They pounced on the victims beating them black and blue and then setting their vehicles on fire.

The timely intervention of the RRS officers and men from the Ebute-Ero Division stopped the victims from being lynched.

The RRS says a preliminary investigation shows that they were all coming from the beach where they allegedly went to do some sacrifices. The RRS stated that the adults also explained that the children were their children and grandchildren.

The case has been transferred to the SCID for further investigations.