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“Other ladies pancaked their faces” — Lady says she was the cynosure of all eyes at an event because of her decent dressing and ‘zero makeup’

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A Nigerian lady, identified simply as Lucie, has recounted how she was the cynosure of all eyes at a Christmas party because of her decent dressing and natural face.
Lucie, who took to Facebook on Wednesday, December 8, to narrate her experience, said she was complemented by everyone at the party over how beautiful she looked without makeup and revealing clothes.
According to her, though other ladies “slayed” with their makeup and dressing, she was the most popular woman at the event.
Lady says
She posted a photo from the party and wrote,
“Few days ago I went on a Christmas outing with a group of friends. And I noticed that the way I dress made me look different from them all,” she said in a Facebook post on Wednesday, December 28.
“But I wasn’t worried in fact I was more confident and happy because all eyes were on me and smiling. I was complemented by everyone on how beautiful I look despite zero makeup and and baggy gown.
“I wasn’t the only lady there , in fact every other ladies pancaked their face cause they want to look their best and I’m sure they spent hours doing that cause they feel insecure about their natural body.
“And above all I’m not proud I was the most popular that day but I was proud I take Jesus everywhere I go and his glory shines upon me, his glory is my makeup and everyone saw it that day.
“Pls dear ladies embrace your natural beauty and perfect it with Gods glory. Let others see Jesus on you everywhere you go.
“Don’t just be natural , be supernatural. I stand for decent dressing. I stand for holiness. I stand for purity.”