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Nigerians Express Sh0ck At The Soaring Price Of Raw Yam Slices Being Sold At The Market (IMAGES)

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A recent market discovery has sparked a wave of reactions from concerned Nigerians.
A chef, identified as Amaka, shared a photo on social media showing the sale of raw yam slices, priced and being sold at 500 Naira per slice.

The image, which quickly went viral, has elicited a range of responses from Nigerians, many of whom have been stunned at the soaring costs of essential food items in the country.

Amidst the growing frustration, some Nigerians have called for urgent government intervention to face the economic burdens being placed on citizens
Here are some reactions from netizens:
@FolamiAdeola43: “500 Naira for slices of yam?! This is completely unacceptable. How are regular Nigerians supposed to afford basic food items at these
@itsOlumideOjo: “The government needs to step in and address this economic crisis immediately. Skyrocketing food costs are making it increasingly difficult for families to put food on the table.”
@queenAmaka17: “I’m utterly heartbroken to see,  This is a troubling sign of the times we’re living in.”
@KingEmekaChukwu: “Nigerians’ resilience is commendable, but we can’t keep ignoring the glaring need for accountability. The leadership must be held responsible for the deteriorating economic conditions.”
@yourgirlAdaobiEkwueme: “It’s disheartening to see the staples we’ve always taken for granted become luxury items.
@IfeanyiNwoke: “This raw yam slice situation is just the tip of the iceberg.