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Nigerian woman found decomposed in her US home over a week after she d!ed and no one knew

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A tragic incident involving a Nigerian woman in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, has gotten people talking online about the downside of relocating abroad alone.
The woman, identified as Uju Onyeyili, reportedly passed away in her apartment, but no one was aware of it until neighbors raised an alarm due to a foul smell emanating from her home.
Nigerian woman found
It was gathered that the deceased, originally from Abatete in Anambra, had an accident two weeks prior and left her car at the scene before returning home.
Regrettably, she passed away in her house, and her death went unnoticed for over a week as her body began to decompose.

Concerned neighbors alerted the police about the odor coming from her apartment. They also reported that they hadn’t seen her in a week and that her car, involved in the accident, needed to be towed.
The police launched an immediate investigation and found her decomposing body inside her home.
Unfortunately, none of her close relatives could be contacted to claim her remains. Her photo was then shared online, appealing to her family members to come and retrieve her body; otherwise, it would be disposed of by the state.

Onyeyili, a devoted member of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star (Olumba Olumba Olumba), was eventually laid to rest by the sect in the US.

May her soul rest in peace!